Zoe Kravitz Names Oscar for “Award Where We Seem to Attack People”

Zoe Kravitz shared this image. (Courtesy: zoeisabellakravitz)


  • Zoe Kravitz was one of those present at the Oscars
  • He posted photos from the Oscar red carpet and the post -party ceremony
  • Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars

New Delhi:

The celebrity series slammed Will Smith and Chris Rock after the notorious incident at this year’s Oscars had just begun. After Jim Carrey called Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock after the comedian joked about his wife Jada’s hair (more on that later), actress Zoe Kravitz has reacted to the controversy. Batman the star, who was one of the contestants at the 94th Academy Awards and the ceremony after the Vanity Fair Oscars ceremony, shared two separate posts, in which he criticized Will Smith (without naming anyone in his post). The Kimi the star shared a picture of herself on the Oscars red carpet and she wrote: “There’s a picture of my dress at the awards show where we seem to be attacking people on stage right now.”

Because one post wasn’t enough, the actress also shared photos from the ceremony after the Vanity Fair Oscars, where Will Smith was pictured dancing (after a slapgate) and celebrating his Best Actor win for his role in King Richard |. Zoe captioned the post: “And this is a picture of my dress at the party after the awards show – where we seem to be shouting obscene words and attacking people on stage right now.”

This is Zoe’s post:

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, who was presenting the awards. The comedian said he couldn’t wait to see Pinkett Smith star in ‘GI Jane 2’ which pushed Smith up on stage and slapped Chris Rock. Jada Pinkett suffers from alopecia, which causes hair loss – she revealed in 2018 that she struggled with the condition and her hair was shaved almost to the scalp.

Will Smith did apologize at the Oscars but only to the Academy and his fellow candidates. His official apology to Chris Rock came just a day later. The statement read, “I want to openly apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong. I was ashamed and my actions did not show the man I wanted. There is no place for violence in the world of love and kindness.”

Here is his full apology:

Meanwhile, Jim Carrey, during his appearance at CBS Morning said so about the incident, “I’m fed up. I’m fed up with the roaring applause, feeling like Hollywood isn’t in a crowd,” referring to the moment Will Smith took to the stage to receive the Best Actor award for his role in King Richard | and was given thunderous applause for winning his first Oscar even though he slapped Chris Rock on stage minutes earlier. He added, “And it’s just – it really feels, ‘Oh, this is a very clear indication that we’re not a great club anymore.’ He added that if he were in Chris Rock’s position, he would “sue” Will Smith.


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