Worm Moon reaches its peak today: explaining its history and meaning

The Working Moon was at IST at 12:45 p.m.

In many parts of the world, the moon has been brighter this week, marking the beginning of the spring season. The Worm Moon – an unusual name – started to shine brighter on Wednesday evening and will continue to spread its light until Saturday morning.

The summit took place on Friday at 03:18 EDT (12:45 EST), according to NASA. However, it was not seen in India, as it is usually the brightest in the evening.

This year’s Worm Moon is also a Supermoon and occurs on March 20 two days before the spring equinox.

What is a Worm Moon?

This is the last full moon of the winter equinox and the beginning of spring. Some American tribes gave their name.

Two such events have already been reported this year: the Wolf Moon on January 17 and the Snow Moon on February 16.

A superlight

The March Moon is called the Supermoon because it is much larger and brighter than the usual full moon. This is because of the “excitement of the moon.” CNN What he mentions from the Farmers’ Almanac.

The phenomenon occurs when the Moon is close to the horizon and our eyes compare its size with trees, buildings, or other objects.

History of the term “Worm Moon”

There are many theories behind the origin of the term “Worm Moon”. One of them said the name referred to earthworms when the temperature of the soil rose at this time of year, according to Newsweek.

However, later research said the name referred to beetle larvae that came out of thawing tree bark, according to the Newsweek report.

Other full moon dates in 2022

There are nine full moons left in 2022. According to a list made by CNN, they are: pink moon (April 16), flower moon (May 16), strawberry moon (June 14), buck moon (July 13), estuary. the moon (August 11), the harvest moon (September 10), the hunter’s moon (October 9), the beaver’s moon (November 8), and the cold moon (December 7).


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