Women Visit Disney World Every Month, Donate Blood Plasma To Cover Costs

Liz Gramlich at Walt Disney World in Orlando during her tour in March.

A woman in the United States is fascinated by the world of Disney. Philadelphia -based Liz Gramlich loved Disney so much that she decided to visit Walt Disney World is Orlando once a month with her sister.

And to cover the cost, he had donated his blood plasma, on the pretext of “he was helping someone”, according to Fox News.

The 28 -year -old has visited Walt Disney World in January, February and March and the next trip is booked in April.

Gramlich told Fox News that his monthly visits are based on the price of the airline ticket – when it is the cheapest. In addition, she also donates her plasma – a fluid portion of blood without blood cells – up to twice a week, which helps her cover the cost of flights and hotels.

In 2020, Gramlich realized he could fly out for a day -only visit to the theme park because the flight to Orlando from Philadelphia was only two hours. This was his first visit to Disney World since he was three years old.

Gramlich said the visit helped the siblings forge closer ties. Low flight prices due to COVID-19 also helped their efforts.

according to The mirrorGramlich paid $ 25 for a return ticket – something they found cheaper than refueling their car.

But when things started to return to normal, airline ticket prices also went up. Soon, the siblings had to shell out $ 150 for a return ticket from Philadelphia to Orlando.

So Gramlich chose a small extreme step – donating his plasma – to fund the trip. It brings in an additional $ 498 per month on average.

Gramlich went on to post photos of his visit to Disney World on his Instagram handle.


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