Woman complains about UTI, Scan reveals bladder glass

A glass drinker removed from a woman’s body.

A Tunisian woman who went to see doctors complaining of a urinary tract infection (UTI) was shocked to learn that a glass had been stuck in her bladder for four years. The 45-year-old went to the hospital complaining of UTI symptoms, such as leaks, asking that he always needed a toilet.

But a search of the woman’s bladder revealed a large bladder stone with a glass on it. Doctors said the stone was a “huge” 8-cm wide that looked completely like a drinking glass. The woman’s identity has not been clarified.

According to the New York Post, the woman told doctors she used the glass as a sex toy four years ago. The report also stated that he had inserted a glass into the urethra instead of the vagina.

The woman’s case was published in the journal Medicine Direct, and she also carried scans and images of glass and stone coatings.


In a search of the woman’s abdomen, a glass object with a similar object appeared inside.

The medical journal describes such objects as “including bladder foreign bodies.” He said that such cases have been reported before and that many patients do not get rid of them and are very embarrassed to seek medical advice, which causes these conditions.

Doctors at Habib Bourguiba University Hospital in Sfax, Tunisia, had to undergo a cystolithotomy, an open surgery used to remove the bladder stone.

They also said no medical history was found except for the mood disorders. Doctors also said there was no blood in the urine.

In a discussion of the case published in the journal Medial, one commenter said that voluntary entry through the urethral mine reflects a certain psychopathological condition.

Bladder stones are hard mineral masses that develop inside the body when the urine is not completely emptied from the bladder. Doctors have seen them grow around foreign objects found inside the body.


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