Why Imran Khan Faces a No -Trust Vote on Friday: An Explanation of 5 Things

Pakistani PM Imran Khan will face a no -confidence motion in the lower house of parliament on Friday.

New Delhi:
In what will be his toughest test since coming to power in 2018 and could spark a new political turmoil in the nuclear -armed country, Pakistani PM Imran Khan will face a no -confidence motion in the lower house of parliament on Friday.

Here’s your 5 -point guide to this great story:

  1. An alliance of opposition parties in Pakistan filed a no -trust motion at the Senate secretariat on March 8, saying Imran Khan had lost his parliamentary majority after more than a dozen defections of his party.

  2. The loss of opposition lawmakers has left Mr Khan about a dozen seats less than the minimum – 172 – needed for a majority. The joint opposition controls 163 seats in the lower house, but could build a majority if most defectors effectively join its ranks through a no -confidence vote.

  3. The opposition accused Mr Khan of mismanaging the economy and foreign policy. He denied this and called on the public to show support for the prime minister’s post by holding a rally of “millions of men” in Islamabad on March 27.

  4. Opposition and political analysts also said Mr Khan had clashed with Pakistan’s strong army, whose support was crucial for any party to achieve power as the former cricket star’s new party did four years ago.

  5. If Imran Khan is voted through the motion, it will make history as a no -confidence vote has never been held against a Prime Minister in Pakistan even though no one has ever completed his full term in office.


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