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What The Delhi High Court Has Said On False Allegations Against Matters Outside Marriage

Delhi High Court says courts must stop tendency to make false allegations (Representation)

New Delhi:

Allegations of cheating or extramarital affair are a severe attack on the character, reputation and health of the couple against whom such serious allegations are made, the Delhi High Court said, noting that marriage is a sacred relationship and its chastity must be maintained forever. a healthy society.

The high court said such serious allegations cause mental pain, agony, suffering and similarly cruelty and the tendency to make false allegations should be stopped by the courts.

“It has been repeatedly held that allegations of cheating or extramarital affairs are a major attack on the character, status, reputation as well as health of the couple for whom such allegations are made. It causes mental pain, suffering, suffering and the same as Cruelty. Allegations of extramarital affairs in relationships is a serious allegation, which needs to be made in earnest. The tendency to make false allegations should be stopped by the courts, “a panel of acting Chief Justices Vipin Sanghi and Dinesh Kumar Sharma said in a judgment passed on March 21.

The high court decision was made while upholding a family court decision granting a divorce order in favor of a husband on the grounds of cruelty against him by his wife.

It said the family court had properly valued the evidence and correctly found that the wife by making baseless allegations amounting to character murder against the husband and father -in -law had inflicted mental cruelty on the man.

The court dismissed the appeal filed by the woman challenging the family court order on January 31, 2019 granting a divorce decree in favor of her estranged husband under the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act.

The high court said that in the appeal also the woman had failed to bring any credible material to suggest that the findings recorded by the trial court were incorrect and added that the woman’s malicious intent was also evident from her confession of publicizing her allegations. against his father -in -law.

“In this case, the appellant (wife) had made serious allegations, but the same was not proved during the trial. The appellant also filed a serious complaint against the husband’s father, which also resulted in acquittal. We consider that these two aspects can only be taken as cruel action. by the appellant, on the respondent (husband) .Marriage is a sacred relationship and its sanctity must be maintained for a healthy society. Therefore, we see no reason to interfere with the disputed judgment and decree. Dismissed, “the high court said.

The couple got married in June 2014 and soon after that the relationship between the couple turned murky and they started living separately.

The woman had filed a criminal case against her father -in -law on charges of molestation and after that, the man filed for divorce on the grounds of cruelty.

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