Blackpink may have topped the US pop charts in 2020, but this is not the group's first foray into the spotlight.

South Korean girl group with four members.

who derive their moniker from the combination of their songs' stern "black" and flirtatious "pink."

Since his single "Bombayah" from June 2016 was released, he has become an international sensation.

under the well-known K-pop apprentice system in South Korea, formed by YG Entertainment.

In an effort to make his acting debut, he tried out for a position as a trainee or student with an entertainment firm.

It aims to emphasize that the ensemble embodies harshness in addition to beauty.

"Blackpink is supposed to disprove the widespread misconception of pink."

"Blackpin's actually means to say that "pretty isn't everything," even though pink is typically used to represent beauty.

It also represents the fact that they are a group of people with exceptional talent in addition to beauty."