19 Money Rules You Should Learn By 25 (Part 2) - The Knowledge

Money Rules Should Be Learned By 25 Part 2

If You Subtract 100 From Your Age, You Get The Percentage Of Stocks You Should Have In Your Portfolio

The Stock Market Has A Longterm Average Return Of 10 And It'S Common To Use 6 8 To Capture The Effect Of Inflation

The Rule Of 72 Tells You How Long It Will Take To Double Your Investment

The 4Percent Rule Says You Can Safely Withdraw 4 Of Your Starting Investment Balance Each Year And Not Run Out Of Money

If You Are 35 Years Old And 100000 In Annual Income, Your Net Worth Should Be 350000

6 Have At Least Five Times Their Gross Salary

Do You Still Want It If You Go Ahead And Buy It, This Will Save You A Lot Of Impulse Purchases

Save For Retirement First, Then Your Children'S Education

9 Value Time Over Money And Experience

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