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Weak But Funny Most Of The Time

Cast: Vihaan Samat, Ankur Rathee, Rahul Bose, Jim Sarbh, Suchitra Pillai

Director: Rahul Nair

Rating: Two and a half stars (out of 5)

A 24-year-old Mumbai boy, whirling like a tadpole, is trying to lie down. What’s the big deal? The big problem is that while the boy is ordering his angry hormones on duty, his evil heart and mind is distracted when he pushes the impulse.

Like most lewd boys of his age, Ray (Vihaan Samat), the main character in the title of this new Netflix series, describes his state of mind as he progresses in his excitement as a routine and everything gets mixed up. Forever Confused and Longing for LoveWritten and directed by Rahul Nair, it is a curious and curious study of the misfortunes of a young man looking for a stable date.

The eight-part series is based on the scattered son of a general marketing director (Rahul Bose) from a diaper manufacturing company. Learn to catch your shit before it stinks, his old man advises the boy to have trouble on a blind date and in need of discussion.

It is neither his father nor his mother (Suchitra Pillai) who trusts Ray. They play a peripheral role in his life at best. All his faith is blindly and utterly hidden from the image of a servant hanging from a key-applause — the personification of the boy’s candid and talkative conscience. The confident imaginary constantly talks and repeatedly reminds the boy that he is embarrassed.

Ray’s uninterrupted, rat-rat, honest joke with his “inner voice,” for better or worse, takes up most of the narrative. The constant oral fun is weird, but sometimes you run out of breath to have the full effect.

The girls enter Ray’s orbit and float outside, while their attention and intent fluctuate. Thanks to his awkward ways, Ray can never keep his behavior away.

The Wiz Wizard accuses him of self-sabotage and self-hatred.

Numerous actors – Namrata Sheth, Devika Vatsa, Tanya Katyal, Niharika Lyra Dutt and Ayana Gaziz Ray – the daughter of a Japanese investment company owner – have entered and left the show as heavyweights, driven by their guides. , learns that finding a girlfriend is not hard to walk in the park.

The “voice” knows best, but he also advises that every time he goes out in search of a girlfriend, the young man always manages to make a hole in himself. Sometimes her parents put her up with the daughter of a family friend, other times she directs a dating site to a match, and other times Wiz comes to her aid but to no avail.

At least one of the many encounters that border on juvenile. Ray wants to get sick so he doesn’t have to go to a party at a girl’s house where his parents want to meet him. What happens is that the girl’s father has a heart attack and the blow is canceled. Ray blames himself for the turn of events. Wiz, too, seems to have to apologize from the end of the boy.

The breathless Wiz holds the protagonist by the hand, gives her a boost, or pushes her to the depths, depending on what the situation demands. He throws out a bunch of ideas for Ray to think about and put into practice, but the problems never stop behind the boy.

Riya (Dalai), a trusted classmate, and a colleague from Varun’s (Ankur Rathee) office, a couple of years older than Ray, are also willing to offer free advice from Ray. Both the Dalai Lama and the Ankur Rathee are effective as friends who flirt with patience with Ray’s disaster.

The toy that gives Ray contact advice is Jim Sarbh talking. Despite not being physically present, Sarbh is the star of the show, with a strong auditory and conceptual presence that dominates the series. At times you almost expect the voices to get a body and jump off the screen.

producers of Forever Confused and Longing for Love – Excel Entertainment’s Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar and Tiger Baby’s Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti – are also recognized as creative directors.

There’s no way to tell outside whether the show is so involved in restaurants, home parties, Ray’s workplace, dining room, and living room that it’s like a bunch of sketches tied together. even in a hospital cafeteria. The mess of encounters teaches the clueless protagonist a thing or two about the opposite sex and the world.

Wiz never tires of giving Ray bad news. The clumsy boy turns around and asks: Why are you so negative? “I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic,” replied the toy confidant. Reality repeatedly bites Ray, but it remains the same.

Although the series occasionally seems like an adult story, it often embarks on fantasy flights, and some of them make the landing smooth enough to wrap up. Those that do not cause permanent damage.

Forever Confused and Longing for Love to some extent, it is a story of misfortune and misfortune. After a horribly twisted date for Ray, the unstoppable Wiz says, “This is a version of a horror story.” In fact, Ray has a good hope of changing his life from one state to another. That’s his luck.

The miracle escapes the show. It is confined within a very limited graph. Forever Confused and Longing for Love Of course, Gen-Z is aimed at an audience that will probably find a lot of things to relate to.

Vihaan Samat gives Rayi a pleasant and believable quality, despite the terrible catastrophes he and the show have endured. It may be weak, but it’s mostly funny because Jim Sarbh doesn’t have to be on screen to radiate infectious energy. The disembodied voice does the work.

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