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Wants To Win, But Not With Violence Against Rivals: Amit Shah In Parliament

The BJP opposes voting based on program, ideology, popularity of leadership, said Amit Shah

New Delhi:

The BJP wants to fight and win elections everywhere based on ideology, programs, leadership popularity and government performance, and not by launching violence against rivals, Home Minister Amit Shah said on Wednesday.

Responding to the debate on the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022, in the Lok Sabha, Mr Shah said the BJP wanted to form a government everywhere and that was why it was against elections.

“Why did you go to Goa, why did you go to Tripura. You have the right to go, I’m not saying don’t go, every party must go with their ideology, programs, performances to all places, this is the beauty of democracy,” Mr Shah said in a clear response against a statement made by TMC MP Saugata Roy.

Only those who fear losing power can oppose it, not supporters of democracy, he added.

“I would like to say that on the basis of our government’s program, ideology, leadership popularity and performance, we want to fight elections and win everywhere. But we don’t want to seize power by killing opposition party workers, committing a series of murders, by raping wives and daughter of a (rival) party worker. This is not our culture, ”Mr Shah said in a clear reference to West Bengal and Trinamool who ruled there.

He also slammed Congress and Trinamool, saying they were a party run for families and had not held internal polls for years.

“First have a vote in your party, then talk about the country,” Mr Shah said.


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