Viv Richards remembers “one of the fastest deliveries” ever, praises Pakistani legend Wasim Akram

Former West Indies captain Vivian Richards reflected on the pages of her playtime and talked about some of the cricket characters she admired despite being “occasionally nightmares” about their skills. Richards referred to former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram and described the latter as “very, very special” in international cricket since his youth. Speaking to ESPNcricinfo, Richards spread the word about his fights at dusk in his first cricket career against Wasim.

Richards, in particular, referred to a specific delivery that he described as “one of the fastest” he found on a cricket field.

“One of the quickest posts I’ve ever found, and I think there was someone upstairs looking after me. Wasim was a young man, he was coming to the stage, and as I was walking towards the exit door, I was glad I was going to come while he was coming, “Richards said.


The former West Indies player said it was ridiculous how lucky he was when Wasim appeared on the international stage at the end of his career, if Richards had played in the international fight if he had played for a longer duration. cricket.

“I also remember telling the Indian band’s batsmen at the time to the individuals, ‘Hey man, good luck to you, having to meet this guy regularly.’ Wasim was very, very special. To this day, I still see the exact delivery I have nightmares from time to time, “he said.

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