Video Shows Ghaziabad Youth Dancing On Car Roof, Volleyball Police Fined Rs 20,000

Videos of the two men dancing on the roof of a car spread on social media.

Ghaziabad Traffic Police have fined a car owner Rs 20,000 after a video showed a group of teenagers – “looking drunk” – dancing on the roof of a vehicle. The action was taken after a video of the incident appeared on Twitter.

“Meanwhile in Ghaziabad, a group of boys, looking drunk, are dancing on the roof of their car on the Delhi-Meerut highway. Hope @ghaziabadpolice makes them dance to their tune in the lockup faster,” Twitter user Prashant Kumar tweeted in his book , posted a video of the two young men dancing on the roof of a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. He also marked the Ghaziabad Police.

The 33 -moment video showed the train moving very slowly on a busy road. Two men were seen descending from Ertiga and videotaping the man dancing on its roof. The man immediately got off and one of them sat in the driving section, while another took the passenger seat.

The car’s license plate number was also seen in the video, which soon became contagious.

Ghaziabad Traffic Police responded to one of the users – Mukhiya Mohit Gurjar – by saying: “In view of the complaints received on Twitter, a total bail of Rs 20,000 has been imposed on the owner of the vehicle for violating traffic rules.”

The traffic police tweet also contained a copy of the e-challan, which contained information about the vehicle, such as the owner’s name and registration number.

According to challan, the incident took place on Friday (April 1), at Sector 13 industrial area in Ghaziabad on Bulandshahr Road. The time has been called 8 p.m.

Vehicle owners have been charged with driving without or suspending or revoking registration, disobeying instructions authorized by the authorities, violating established standards in relation to air pollution and passengers standing on footboards.


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