Video: High-precision Russian missiles destroy Ukrainian targets

War in Ukraine: Screening of a video of an air strike released by the Russian Ministry of Defense

New Delhi:

Russia’s Defense Ministry has released a video of a detailed airstrike on a Ukrainian military facility. The latest video adds to the high volume of Eastern European national war content used by both sides to boost their morale – official publications and witness accounts.

In the latest tweet from the Russian Defense Ministry, an aircraft-like missile is slowly flying towards some Ukrainian targets, resembling an armored vehicle and a set of depots.

The video concludes with several frames showing burnt military hardware hit by Russian missiles. Dramatic music is played in the background.

The warehouse was completely destroyed, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Internet is full of images of the Ukrainian war. Both sides have released audio-visuals to show the public who is causing the most harm.

Ukraine, for example, floated what would become an urban legend called the “ghost of Kiev” when it shot down 10 Russian planes on the 1st day of the invasion of a Ukrainian fighter pilot.

YouTube’s military channels regularly show Ukrainian ambushes armed with advanced missiles against tanks such as the NLAW and Javelin, sometimes in vain.

Military experts say that Ukrainian forces, which are much smaller than the Russian invaders, will benefit visually from the huge odds of strengthening morale.


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