US President Joe Biden Says NATO Summit Called To Extend Russia Sanctions

Washington and Brussels have warned of further sanctions on Moscow.


US President Joe Biden said Thursday he had called an emergency NATO summit to ensure international sanctions on Russia over its aggression on Ukraine were maintained in the long run.

“The maintenance of restrictions … (is) increasing the pain …. Why do I ask this NATO meeting today, is to ensure that after a month we will maintain what we do – not just next month, next month – but for the rest throughout the year, “he told a news conference at NATO headquarters.

“That is what will stop it,” he said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden stressed that he never used the threat of sanctions as a form of prevention, to avoid aggression directed at Putin over Ukraine.

“Let’s get something straight. You remember, if you protect me from the beginning, I did not say that, instead, sanctions will prevent it. Sanctions never stop. You keep talking about it! Restrictions have never stopped,” he said. journalist.

United States, European Union and their allies have launched a wave of coordinated sanctions on Russia since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

The sentence has affected Russian financial and economic severely, and also targeted defense companies and the Russian oligarchs, and Putin and the minister and his closest aides.

Washington and Brussels have warned of further sanctions on Moscow, to increase the cost of maintaining the army.

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