Upward Lightning Illuminates the Kansas Night Sky During a Thunderstorm

In the video, the bolts appear to start on the ground and then move toward the clouds

New Delhi:

A stunning display of lightning illuminated the night sky over Kansas during a thunderstorm on Tuesday. Video of the incident, shows a rare ascending attack, during a thunderstorm.

The lightning up was captured in slow motion by Taylor Vonfeldt, who shared it on Twitter. He called the phenomenon “the craziest lightning strike” he has ever captured on camera.

In the video, the bolts appear to start at the ground and then move toward the clouds, in contrast to traditional lightning.

A meteorologist told the New York Post that the phenomenon occurs when a strong electric field passes through a tall object such as a skyscraper or a radio tower. “The upward leaders are started from the tower as a result. They connect to the electric field in the cloud and you get lightning,” said Meteorologist Chris Vagasky.

Tornado warnings have been issued in several counties in Kansas. The national weather service said winds of 50-60 km were recorded in the area. Thousands of people in Wichita, Kansas experienced power outages on Tuesday night.


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