Unemployment rate drops to 12.6% April-June 2021 from 20.8% a year ago

The unemployment rate fell to 12.6% from 20.8% a year ago in April to June 2021.

India’s unemployment rate falls to 12.6 per cent in the April-June 2021 quarter, the same period a year ago, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NSO) ’s regular labor market survey.

In the January-March 2021 quarter, this rate was 9.3 percent, as shown by the 11th Periodic Employment Survey (PLFS).

The unemployment rate -measured by those aged 15 and over living in urban areas- rose by more than double the figure for the quarter ended June 2021, down from 20.8 per cent in the same period a year ago. .

That number was slashed by the restrictions imposed on the country by the pandemic.

Unemployment or unemployment rate is a measure of the percentage of people who are unemployed.

The data show that the unemployment rate for women fell to 14.3% in the April-June quarter of 2021, from 21.1% a year ago. It was 11.8 percent in January-March 2021.

Among men, the rate fell to 12.2% from 20.7% a year ago. In the quarter ending March 2021, it was 8.6 percent.

In the current weekly situation, the labor force participation rate was 46.8% in the April-June quarter of 2021, compared to 45.9% in the same period a year ago. It was 47.5 percent in January-March 2021.

Labor is the part of the population that supplies or supplies labor for the economic activity of producing goods and services, and therefore includes both the employed and the unemployed.

The NSO launched PLFS in April 2017. Based on the PLFS, a quarterly bulletin is issued that provides estimates of labor force indicators such as Unemployment Rate (RU), Employee Population Ratio (WPR), Form of Participation in Employment (LFPR), Distribution of Employees. According to the current state of employment and the labor industry, in the Current Situation of the Week (CWS).

CWS unemployment estimates provide an average picture of unemployment over a short seven-day period during the survey period.

In the CWS view, a person is considered unemployed if he or she has not worked for an hour on any day of the week, but has been available to work for at least one hour on any day of the period.

The average workforce is the number of people employed or unemployed in the week before the survey date. The LFPR is defined as the percentage of the labor force in the population.

WPR (in percentage) accounted for 40.9 percent of CWS in urban areas for people over the age of 15 between April and June 2021, up from 36.4 percent in the same period a year ago. It was 43.1 percent in January-March 2021.

Ten quarterly bulletins for the quarter from December 2018 to March 2021 have already been released.

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