Ukrainian President Calls On Pope To Be Mediator In Conflict With Russia

Pope Francis has called for an end to the conflict more than once


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Pope Francis on Tuesday to be a mediator in his country’s conflict with Russia to help alleviate human suffering, nearly a month after the Moscow invasion.

Zelensky said he had made phone calls with the pope and that he had “told His Majesty about the difficult humanitarian situation and the blockade of the rescue corridor by the Russian military.”

“The role of the mediator of the Holy See in ending human suffering will be appreciated,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter following the call.

Negotiators from Moscow and Kyiv have held ongoing talks aimed at ending the fierce fighting for nearly four weeks, but have failed to announce any progress so far.

Pope Francis has called for an end to the conflict more than once, and although he has condemned the “genocide” in Ukraine, he has avoided mentioning Russia by name.

Russian Orthodox Patriarchs Kirill and Francis earlier this month held talks on Ukraine and called for negotiations to continue to achieve a “just peace”.

Shortly after the start of Russian military operations last month in Ukraine, Patriarch Kirill called Moscow’s opponents in Ukraine an “evil force”.

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