Ukraine War: More than 300,000 volunteer hackers join forces to fight Russia, report says

Volunteer hackers joined the fight at the request of a Ukrainian minister.

More than 300,000 volunteer hackers are helping Ukraine win the cyber war against Russia. In the Telegram group called the “IT Army of Ukraine”, these volunteers are assigned tasks aimed at Russian websites.

These hackers have joined the fight in Ukraine to level the playing field, with many cybersecurity companies denouncing “cyber chaos” between Russia and Ukraine.

Check Point Research (CPR), which monitors global cyberattacks, said that in the three days since the Russian invasion began, online attacks on the Ukrainian military and government sectors had increased by 196 percent. Attacks on Russia also increased (4%) and decreased in other parts of the world.

Russia, however, has denied any involvement in the cyberattacks.

The rise in the number of volunteer hackers joining the fight against Russia comes after a request from Ukrainian Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov last month, who posted a link to Twitter’s “IT Army of Ukraine” Telegram channel.

The members of that group spoke The Guardian and he said it was the right thing to do. One of the volunteers, a Swiss teenager who did not reveal his real name, said that they were trying to stop the digital presence of the Russian government and the Belarusian railway.

Another member of the group, Gennady Galanter, said CNBC that they are preventing misinformation and getting accurate information from Russian citizens.

“The reality is that many of my friends in Russia, my relatives … are completely misinformed,” CNBC said.

All of these volunteer hackers are afraid of Russian revenge, so they are trying to protect their identity as much as possible.

NetBlocks, the company that controls the global Internet connection, said the cyber-attacks were successful in disrupting Russian state media services, several banks and the energy giant Gazprom.


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