UK Urges Allies To “Improve” Tanks, Production Of Warships For Ukraine -By ASC

“We must prepare for the long term and redouble our support for Ukraine.


Ukraine’s fate depends on balance and its allies must be prepared for the long term and “increase” military production including tanks and aircraft to help, Britain’s foreign minister said on Wednesday.

The global security structure that is supposed to prevent the aggression of Russian President Vladimir Putin has failed, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will say in a speech calling for a “new approach”.

“We can not be complacent – the fate of Ukraine remains in the balance,” he said, according to a preview of his speech to diplomats and business leaders in London.

Putin’s victory would bring “horrific consequences around the world,” and more, more severely, weapons should be sent to Ukraine despite the risk of escalating conflict.

“We must prepare for the long term and redouble our support for Ukraine.

“Heavy weapons, tanks, planes – dig deep into our inventory, increase production. We have to do all this.”

Truss’s comments, which will be made at Mansion House in the City of London’s financial district, are similar to those of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who last week said the conflict could drag on until the end of next year.

On Monday, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Britain would provide Ukraine with armored vehicles capable of firing missiles against Russian aircraft invaders.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Ukraine could win the war against Russia if it had the right equipment.

Truss would say economic sanctions against Russia must go further, including cutting Russia’s European energy imports “once and for all”.

“There must be no place for Putin to go to finance this terrible war,” he said.

“Architecture designed to guarantee peace and prosperity has failed Ukraine,” Truss would say, adding the conflict “should be a catalyst to broader change.”

“We must also follow the unity shown in this crisis to reboot, restructure and overhaul our approach to deterring intruders.”

“Our new approach will be based on three areas: military strength, economic security and a deeper global alliance,” he said.

Touting what he calls a “geopolitical return”, Truss would call for a world where “independent nations are more assertive and confident.”

Meanwhile, the Netherlands announced on Tuesday that it would supply a “limited number” of Panzerhaubitze 2000 -type armored howitzers to Kyiv, the government confirmed Tuesday.

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