This tool will help you get the most out of your crypto market in no time

CoinSwitch has launched an Investment Plan (RBP) investment tool.

Ask any crypto investor or observer, and they will agree to have the volatility of the crypto market in another area at any time of the year. However, volatility is a very natural and obvious part of market activity, and the price of cryptocurrency cannot be predicted without effort.

Most crypto traders generally follow three types of analysis while investing; Technical, basic and sentimental analysis. All three should be used closely together, even if you choose to master one of them, which will earn you some money. But in today’s world, who has the time to understand and learn the factors of the crypto market? That’s why CoinSwitch Kuber India’s crypto exchange platform has taken a step forward for investors to start investing in the crypto market without worrying about the risk of volatility.

Today we are going to talk about the Recurring Buy Plan (RBP), which is CoinSwitch to provide a stable and disciplined approach to wealth creation that is an ideal tool for buying cryptocurrencies.

CoinSwitch Repetitive Purchase Plan – SIP-like crypto tool?

CoinSwitch has launched a Purchase Plan (RBP) investment tool that will allow you to make a systematic number of investments each month, like a SIP, in the crypto market. You don’t have to worry about market timing and making impulsive decisions to buy, sell or own. RBP allows you to continue investing in the highs and lows of the market so that you can reap long-term returns.

Why should you consider using RBP?

1) Instead of putting a large amount of money into different time periods, you can easily invest a fixed amount of money each month in the chosen asset with the average cost of overcoming market volatility.

2) RBP makes you consistent, disciplined, and trustworthy with its systematic investment plan, so you get a lasting vision to create wealth for yourself.

3) As we told you before, RBP will save you from looking at the market and worrying about whether it will make a loss. The systematic investment that RBP makes on a monthly basis can make you feel like you’re making a big profit from being a regular, dedicated investor.

How is RBP ideal for both beginners and long-term investors in cryptography?

If you’re a new investor, and you want to start your investment journey in the world of cryptography, or if you’re a long-time investor and want to play it safe, then CoinSwitch’s RBP is something you should consider. The great thing about RBP is that it keeps you away from any storms in the market, and that’s why you’ll make sure you make any decision that will cost you a lot of hard-earned money.

When would you prefer RBPs?

Low risk appetite

RBP will save you from the big risks involved in the crypto market by finding an average purchase price that may be lower than the final sale price. So you don’t have to worry about investing when the market is at its highest level.

Want to protect against volatility

As RBPs follow fixed buying cycles, market volatility has no effect. There are many big names in the industry whose tweets or statements can change the crypto market. RBPs ensure that the investor remains protected from such activities.

Be prepared for long-term exposure

RBPs tend to outperform short-term buy-outs due to recurring investments in specific cryptocurrencies. With RBP, it has not suffered any losses in the market due to short-term price fluctuations or impulsive decisions.

Less concern

Monitoring crypto prices can be a daunting task. There is a lot of work to be done that involves the technical, basic, and sentimental analysis of crypto diagrams. With RBP, forget about complex ideas, choose the most promising asset, and start buying crypto with a fixed amount each month.

Hold a small corpus

You can invest as low as Rs. 100 per month in your preferred active crypto. This means that you don’t have to invest a lot of money at the same time. With RBP you don’t have to worry about highs and lows, as it helps you achieve an average purchase price, which reduces the risk of volatility.

Some of the downsides of RBP that you need to know

You cannot buy and sell instant cryptocurrencies using RBP. Because it is a systematic investment plan, it may block capital and prevent day-to-day trading. They may not even help you identify key market declines.

But in any case, cryptographic RBPs are more reliable tools in the long run. So what are you waiting for now? Go download CoinSwitch and put on your first RBP today!

(Note: Coinswitch is an NDTV network advertiser)

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