This exchange of tweets between Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn started with “Sorry” and ended with …

Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn share cold weather (Images credit: AFP)

Can we call Shah Rukh Khan the king of returns? Because we can’t think of a better way. Only the actor knows how to take the lead. Her social media posts have the potential to shake up the Internet [in a good way, of course]. And, his latest tweet is a testament to that statement. FYI: related to its OTT application – SRK +. Shah Rukh Khan has asked Ajay Devgn to release his second season Rudra: The Edge of Darkness In the SRK + app, instead of Disney + Hotstar. He wrote, “Toh… Season 2 You want Disney + Hotstar, it’s SRK +. Pukka? (So ​​Season 2 Rudra will not be released on Disney + Hotstar but on SRK + … Promise?) “The reaction came in the back of a Twitter post shared by Ajay Devgn.” Sorry Shah Rukh Khan pehleOne by one, Rudra SRK + pe released the card. Ab Thoda Ruk Shah Rukh [If you had told me about it beforehand, I would’ve released Rudra on SRK+. Now, wait a bit Shah Rukh]”this is what Ajay Devgn wrote.

Now, are you wondering why Ajay Devgn made that comment? If so, here is the video shared by the actor. Shah Rukh Khan and Anurag Kashyap appear to be discussing the content that will be released on SRK +. And, one of the stories told by Anurag Kashyap is in the lines of Ajay Devgn. Rudra: The Edge of Darkness. Understood, right?

Now, we can’t say what the subtext of this two-star exchange is. As anyone who follows the gossip of celebrities knows, Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn are not friends — quite the opposite — in fact; Ajay, who is married to a longtime collaborator of SRK’s Kajol, is said to share a very cold atmosphere with the protagonist of many of his wife’s films. Is this Twitter conversation an indication of a thaw?

Ajay Devgn is not the only Bollywood Superstar to have shouted at Shah Rukh Khan’s new company. Salman Khan also posted on it on his Instagram page. The actor wrote: “Zindagi mein do cheezein kabhi underestimate mat karna – Shah Rukh Khan and his humor. SRK + aaye na aaye, maza bahut aaya [ShahRukhKhan’sLifestyle[Ezgutxietsibizitzakobigauza-ShahRukhKhanetabereumorearenzentzuaSRK+kaleratualaezaskodisfrutatunuenhau”[Donotunderestimatetwothingsinlife-ShahRukhKhanandhissenseofhumourWhetherSRK+releasesornotIenjoyedthisalot”

Here’s how Shah Rukh Khan announced his new OTT app to his fans. He wrote, “Kuch kuch hone wala hai, OTT ki duniya mein (Something will happen in the world of OTT). “

Shah Rukh Khan will be seen next Pathaan. Deepika Padukone and John Abraham also appear in the film.

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