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The US spreads “misinformation” about China in the Ukrainian War: Beijing

China has accused the US of spreading “misinformation” about the role of Beijing in the Ukraine war. The statements came before the talks between the two countries’ envoys in Rome.

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  1. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that “the US is spreading misinformation to China in the Ukraine case with malicious intent.”

  2. The comments came at a regular conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing.

  3. Today, US authorities told the media that Russia had asked China for military and financial support for the war in Ukraine.

  4. The request for equipment is not new and Russia launched an offensive in Ukraine on February 24, Bloomberg said, according to a US official.

  5. China has not directly condemned Moscow for launching its invasion, and has repeatedly blamed NATO’s “eastward expansion” for escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

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