The UK is ending all COVID-19 international travel restrictions

This resolution comes as COVID-19 infections are on the rise in the UK. (File)


All international travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including compliance before the arrival of passenger search engine forms and mandatory pre-departure tests for unvaccinated passengers, have been lifted since Friday, the UK government has announced.

The change was previously announced by the Department of Transport (DfT) when the GMT (9:30 IST) came into force at 4:00 p.m. The government has said it will keep “contingency measures in reserve”, which would allow “swift and proportionate” action to delay all harmful variants of COVID-19 entering the country.

“Everything we’ve worked on, every owner, every test and the sacrifice of the whole country means that in the end, after almost two years, we can all travel without bureaucratic restrictions,” said UK Aviation Minister Robert Courts.

According to officials, the preferred approach in the future will be to use the “most stringent measures”, if any, to minimize the impact of travel, as emergency measures will only be implemented in an extreme situation.

From the end of March, all the required forty hotel capacity will be completely free.

Until now, only vaccinated passengers were exempted from PCR testing, those who were not vaccinated had to undergo a pre-departure test and another test two days after arrival in the UK.

“I said we would not keep the travel arrangements longer than we should, giving us more new welcome and more freedom before the Easter holidays. I look forward to continuing to work. The travel industry and partners around the world will continue to move international travel,” he said. had Grant Shapps, the UK’s Secretary of Transport, make the announcement earlier this week.

The Easter break in April is a popular holiday in the UK and the changes are without any additional requirements to help families make travel plans.

In the UK, COVID is on the rise as infections increase, but the government says the success of its vaccination program has made it possible to remove all restrictions.

“We will continue to monitor and monitor potential new variants and maintain a reserve of measures that can be rolled out as needed if necessary. We can remove these latest restrictions thanks to the tremendous success of our vaccination program, which has had more than eight. Sajid Javid UK Health Secretary.

The UK travel industry has been very receptive to the support needed for the industry that is struggling with change.

“Now is the time to return to the sky – to enjoy everything that makes great aviation and international travel, for families and businesses -” said Tim Alderslad, CEO of UK Airlines.

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