The Internet Thinks These 5 Actors Are “Getting Worse” With Age. The Name May Surprise You

Harrison Ford in stationary from Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull)

The film gets a special place in our hearts, mostly because of the storyline and the star actors. But, in the midst of the glamorous portrayal of a larger-than-life character, we, the audience, often forget that the star is also human. Fans, sometimes, can’t accept their failures. An example is this Reddit thread that talks about “actors getting worse as they get older”. No need to draw your sword. It’s just a discussion that has been initiated by users on social media platforms. The person had also written a long message. It starts like this, “Usually an actor or actresses get better as they get older and gain more experience but I have witnessed a phenomenon where it seems that some of them are getting worse.”

Well, consumers argue that Mark Wahlberg just “delivers a wooden line and has no energy or emotion.” Part of the note read, “I started thinking about this and realized I loved it [Mark Wahlberg] in old films but his latest work is getting less and less good. ” And, there are questions for everyone out there. Read here. “Has anyone noticed this or can think of any other actors who fall into this category?”

Well, people have reacted to it. And, here we go.

1.Marlon Brando

The Oscar -winning actor needs no identification. In order, Marlon Brando is the “most famous case” in this category. One user said, “His body almost went to hell on purpose. He’s hard to work with. He didn’t even study the verse. ”

Another added, “I think he is [Marlon Brando] also use an earplug with someone reading the line in his ear. “

Users have also been shown films that Marlon Brando did later in his career. One “bad performance” that is remembered on the platform is Don Juan Demarco, released in 1994. The film features actor Johnny Depp as Don Juan. The plot revolves around the character of Marlon Brando Dr. Jack Michler, a psychiatrist. and his patient Don Juan.Dr. Moreau’s Islandreleased in 1996, saw Marlon Brando, then 72, play the role of Dr. Moreau.

2. Liam Neeson

There is a lot of debate about it. It all started when users said, “I’ve avoided most of his latest movies, but Cold Chasing refreshing in my opinion. I happened to watch it because my dad suggested it, and it’s a good dark comedy film. ”

Someone replied, “Cold Chasing works because it is a remake of a Norwegian film by the same director. It captivates you as a revenge film but turns into a refreshing dark comedy revenge film. ”

Other than Cold Chasing, Recent Liam Neeson film screenings are included The Ice Road, The Marksman, The Honest Thief in other circles. He was last seen in Black lightreleased in February this year.

3. John Cusack

John Cusack, the lover man of the 80s, is famous for hits like Say Anything. But lately it seems, his appeal is dying. We are not saying this. It’s on the thread. “John Cusack-far and away my favorite actor from the 80s and 90s. Now, I am actively avoiding anything he has experienced recently. ”

Echoing the same sentiment, another wrote, “Grosse Point Blank and High loyalty are two highlight Cusack films. And, yes, I don’t see any new stuff. ” Grosse Pointe Kosong, directed by George Armitage, sees John Cusack, play Martin Blank, a professional assassin. And in High loyaltyRob John Cusack is busy finding the reason behind his failed relationship.

Some even declared that Room 1048released in 2007, was the last best film played by John Cusack.

“Same, I like old Cusack. I watched one of his” new “moviesDrive Hard“read the review. Director Brian Trenchard-Smith, Hard Driving, entered theaters in 2014.

Chasing, Never Getting Old, The River Flows Red are some of his latest film shows.

4. Al Pacino (Father of God)

Fans argue that the Academy Award -winning actor is “always great when he has a strong director to work with”.

Justifying the role Al Pacino chose, this person added, “He openly said that he chose very few good roles today because he didn’t feel he had anything else to prove and he chose projects mostly to see if he can make no. a great script into a great film with his work in it. a challenge to himself. “

Al Pacino, 81, was last seen on Gucci House, released last year. He plays the character of Aldo Gucci.

5. Harrison Ford

Redditers argue that Harrison Ford “always looks troublesome”.

Some have mentioned that the Star Wars actor “seems annoyed to be in any movie he has.”

“Does he not care or does he lose the facility to act,” was one of the questions that got everyone’s attention. For this, one user said, “I think you nailed that point right in the head. He doesn’t care. The guy is retired. All the movies straight to his VOD require him to do a day’s or two’s work and receive a million dollars in return. It’s one great gig to earn extra money in his declining age. ”

Harrison Ford, in the second half of his career, has worked in such films The Call of the Wild, Ender Game, Cowboy & Alien in other circles. He will appear next Indiana Jones 5.

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