The Florida Sheriff Urges Homeowners to Shoot Intruders -By ASC

Sheriff Bob Johnson even offers lessons to residents to improve their goals.

A Florida sheriff’s speech has become contagious on social media, where he is heard encouraging homeowners to shoot intruders. Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said it will save tax dollars in the process.

“If someone breaks into your home, you’re welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County. We’d prefer you do it actually,” Mr. Johnson was quoted as saying by while talking about the incident of a man being shot for trying to break into a home .

The homeowner who shot the man has yet to come forward.

The sheriff said property owners should not be afraid to come forward because they did not commit any wrongdoing.

Mr. Johnson also offers lessons to residents to improve their goals.

“You don’t have a problem. Come see us. We have a firearm safety class that we hold every Saturday. If you take it, you’ll shoot better and hopefully you’ll save taxpayers money,” he said.

The incident happened in the county on April 20 at about 4.30pm when the sheriff’s office got a call about a suspicious person in an area.

More than a dozen deputies were dispatched after a 911 call to arrest the man, who was later identified by Mr Johnson as “frequent flyer” Brandon Harris.

Police set the perimeter and even took out the K-9 unit, after which Mr Johnsons said the man began jumping fences and breaking into the house.

After a while, police got a call about the shots being fired. They later found out that a bored resident had shot Harris and he was trying to break into his home.

But the man kept running until police surrounded him in the bedroom of the house. Harris then jumped through a closed window and was eventually arrested in the backyard.


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