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The Brave Mid -Aircraft “Exchange” Action Ends In Crash in Arizona -By ASC

Currently, Red Bull is facing an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The first “aircraft swap” of its kind, attempted by two action pilots on Sunday, was unsuccessful after one of the two planes lost control and landed in Arizona, USA. according to New York Postskydivers – cousins ​​Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington, who were part of the Red Bull Air Force Flight crew – survived and no injuries were reported.

The pilots tried to jump into their respective planes while in the air-leaving both planes unmanned. On its website, Red Bull has said that skydivers will try to shift as they jump to the ground. However, conditions reversed direction in the sky, causing one plane to get stuck before crashing to the ground in Arizona.

Watch the clip below:

The action actually went south for a Red Bull-sponsored flight. The two pilots had planned to propel their Cessna 182 aircraft toward the synchronized nose at 14,000 feet by stopping the engine and custom-made air brakes that held the aircraft at a controlled descending speed of 140 mph. As part of the plan, pilots were supposed to get out of their respective planes and plunge into their respective planes, crossing each other in the air and regaining control in less than a minute.

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However, the plane on which Mr. Farrington was aboard quickly began to spin out of control into a downward tail round, becoming very inconsistent with the height of the other planes after the two made their jumps. Mr Farrington had to parachute to the ground when his plane plunged. Mr. Aikins managed to complete the action into their respective planes.

Such that Pos, after reaching the ground, Mr. Farrington said, “All the numbers match and everything is like that.” He added, “Everything was supposed to be good to go, for some reason, it wasn’t so but at the end of the day we were both here, we were both good to go, everyone was safe and I think that’s the important part.”

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Meanwhile, according to NBC News, Red Bull faces an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The official said that the agency had rejected a request on Friday from the company to seek an exemption from rules covering the safe operation of aircraft. Now, the two pilots could potentially face jail time, pay fines or lose their licenses as a result of an FAA investigation.

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