The body is flooded while Hong Kong suffers a deadly wave of Covid

Researchers believe that the number of infections in Hong Kong is significantly higher than the official figures

Hong Kong:

Workers at Hong Kong’s PPE equipment carried the bodies of the victims of the coronavirus in refrigerated containers on Wednesday, when the city’s bodies were left without a place due to a deadly rise in Omicron.

Less than three months after the breakdown of the high-transmission variant, Hong Kong has recorded nearly one million infections and more than 4,600 deaths, most of them from the city’s unvaccinated elderly population.

A spokesman for the funeral industry told local media that the death toll had risen in the city’s coffin supply, leaving only 300 left and disappearing by the weekend.

Leader Carrie Lam acknowledged supply problems at a news conference Wednesday, saying two more shipments to the mainland would arrive in Hong Kong.

“I found out from the Food and Health Office last night that they are trying to organize water transport (coffins),” he said.

He added that officials are trying to help families who are concerned about the issues of burial that should be recovered from the public bodies of doctors who died without the death certificate being issued to the public without the death certificate being issued.

“We will try to find a way to return the body to the family so that the funeral can be arranged soon.

Outside the Fu Shan Public Funeral Home on Wednesday, staff from all PPE equipment carried bodies covered in black canvas from a truck to the queue for shipping containers.

Closed beaches

Researchers estimate that the number of infections in Hong Kong is significantly higher than the official figures, and is likely to reach half of its 7.4 million population.

Lam has received blows from all sides in managing the crisis, blaming his administration for the death spiral and clear messages about a possible blockade and massive tests.

Chinese social media users have reacted angrily in recent days, saying Covid’s spread on the mainland is the result of a slow response to the Hong Kong epidemic.

Ten million people in mainland China were suddenly ordered to stay at home this week after more than 3,000 new cases appeared every day as Beijing struggled to maintain its zero-Covid strategy.

In nearby Shenzhen, the entire population of 17.5 million was blocked on Monday after it exploded in Hong Kong-linked factories and neighborhoods in Omicron.

After photos of Hong Kong’s unmasked residents sunbathing on a beach – members of the Shenzhen network shot a glass – authorities announced on Wednesday that they would close government-run beaches from Thursday.

“As we see an increase in the number of people going to the beach, we need to take appropriate measures … to ensure security to reduce the movement of citizens,” Lam told reporters.

This new measure adds to Hong Kong’s already strict restraining rules, which include wearing masks on mountain hikes and a ban on collecting more than two.

The dismissed chief, who will step down in a few months, does not mean that he will run for another term.

The selection process was delayed in May due to a wave of Covid cases, and any further delays will be in the hands of Beijing, Lam said.

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