Texas Tornado Torn, Video Captures Car Overturned By Strong Winds

A car was caught in a tornado in Texas on Monday.

Violent tornadoes hit central Texas and Oklahoma on Monday, toppling trees, damaging homes and closing highways and airports. Tornadoes are caused by a strong storm system that according to meteorologists can continue for several days.

Images of destroyed houses and debris littered on the roads have flooded social media., which collects data from utilities across the United States, said more than 45,000 people were cut off from electricity.

Reports of tornadoes emerged from the Texas cities of Jacksboro, Luling, and Round Rock, as well as Kingston in Oklahoma.

The National Weather System (NWS) in the US has warned that the storm system is capable of producing more tornadoes.

Videos spread on social media showed a truck caught in the tornado spinning on its side, then overturning and finally landing on its wheels. The driver then took him away from the twister.

One of the users posted a photo from inside the closet. “It’s an incredible spring in Texas. The Tornado siren sounds mean party time in the closet,” the Twitter post said.

Several U.S. networks have released footage of drones, showing destruction in a city after the tornado passed.

In Elgin, near Austin, a mobile home was thrown over the building, reports The New York Times. An 18 -wheel vehicle was found overturned nearby, the report added.

According to, the threat of severe thunderstorms is a classic preparation for spring, with strong jet flow disruptions spreading into the increasingly humid air in the South. The following are the forecasts released by the NWS for the region:

The storm could cause lightning, strong winds, hail, tornadoes and heavy rain that could cause flash floods, meteorologists said.


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