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“Sycophancy” at a post-mortem meeting in Congress: a Punjab party veteran

The party’s top official, Gandhis, was “deceived,” Sunil Jakhar said.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Sunil Jakhar said today that the party’s disastrous Punjab campaign was a “combination of one mistake after another” and a combination of bad opportunities fueled by “deceiving” Gandhit leaders.

Shaking a long list of problems he said “could have been handled differently,” Mr Jakhar said the failure was “written by Harish Rawat”; The former Uttarakhand chief minister was in charge of Punjab.

“He came to Punjab with a specific agenda,” Mr Jakhar said, suggesting that he was promoting Navjot Singh Sidhu, who demanded the highest billing ahead of the Punjab elections and played a major role in replacing Amarinder Singh. Prime Minister Charanjit Singh Channi four months before the election.

“I wondered what he was doing. He implemented his agenda at the cost of the clashes. said Mr. Jakhar.

Congress, in the aftermath of the fighting in Punjab, lost eight-year-old Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to Arvind Kejriwal in last week’s election.

Mr Jakhar said he hoped the issue would be discussed at a meeting of the Congressional Labor Committee (CWC) yesterday, but instead saw “sycophants”.

The former leader of the Punjab Congress also questioned the logic of leaving the possibility of the party’s prime ministerial candidate open, even after his appointment as the new prime minister.

“Once Channi is appointed, it is offensive to ask who the prime minister will be. How can you say that? A general will fight you in war and you will appoint another general? This is not the way,” Mr Jakhar said.

Mr Jakhar was also questioned at a congressional autopsy on Sunday for describing Mr Channi as “active” and targeting Ambika Soni without his name.

“An activity – are you kidding? Thank God (Channi) she was nominated as a ‘national treasure’ at the CWC by the” Pbi “nominated as CM in the first place” – Mr Jakhar tweeted this morning.

“Pbi is Punjabi,” Mr. Jakhar said. He did not deny that the “Punjabi lady” could be Ambika Soni, a longtime member of Rajya Sabha, who had been offered the post of Prime Minister before Mr. Channi, but she refused.

“Why do you want to name it? It’s very old.”

He continued: “We hold on to every word. You can’t fight corruption with corruption. (Channi) ‘s relative was caught red-handed. This man was caught with his hands in the box.”

Making a serious accusation, Mr Jakhar said that the new prime minister would do anything in his limited time and that Mr Channi had acted greedily.

But Mr Jakhar said he believed that not everything was over for the Punjab Congress.

“A rag in clothes like the Aam Aadmi Party won’t last long. But here we have to put a credible face on it if we want to win.”

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