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Suitable for bathing in the river vault: Pollution Control Committee

Vault water quality: Category I is the most polluted with a large amount of BOD.

New Delhi:

The government found on Monday that the dissolved oxygen level of the Ganga River, which is a parameter for assessing the health of the water body, is within acceptable limits for bathing criteria.

Tudu State Minister Jal Shakti Bishweswar said none of the Ganga stretches are in priority category I and IV and only two stretches are in category V with a biological oxygen demand (BOD) range of 3 to 6 mg / l depending on the CPCB category. interval.

Category I is the most polluted BOD, and Category V is the least polluted.

According to the 2021 CPCB data, the observed water quality of the Ganga River indicates that dissolved oxygen (DO) is within acceptable limits for the reported bathing water quality criteria and is suitable for sustaining the river ecosystem. full range.

“Comparison of the median water quality parameter data, i.e., 2014 and 2021 DO, BOD, and fecal coliform (FC) show that DO (median) improved in 31 places; BOD in 46 places and FC in 23 places, respectively,” he said. in a written response.

According to the Namami Gange Program, the Central Pollution Control Commission (CPCB) is conducting a water quality assessment of the Ganga River at 97 locations in five states through the relevant Pollution Control Committees (SPCBs). A total of 364 projects have been penalized under the program, with an estimated cost of 30,853 million euros and 183 projects completed and launched.

“Of these 364 projects, 160 sanitation infrastructure projects have been undertaken to generate and rehabilitate 5,024 Million Liters (MLD) capacity on sewage treatment plant Day and to install a 5,227 km sewerage network, of which 76 projects have been completed. By setting up a 3,860km sewer network, ”he said.

The rest of the projects are in different stages of implementation, he said.

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