Snapchat brings custom brands to anchor creators with AR experiences in their favorite places

Snapchat announced on Wednesday the expansion of Augmented Reality (AR) -charged features, and they will now be available to everyone as a custom bookmark through Lens Studio. Custom Landmakers will allow platform creators to develop AR filters, known as Lenses, that can be anchored locally, and Snapchat will allow them to create richer stories about those sites. To kick off the new experience, Snapchat has introduced the first custom Indian Landmarker Lens created for the Havmor ice cream brand.

As teased in December, Custom Markers allows creators to develop lenses for their favorite local landmarks, from states to storefronts, using mobile devices with a LiDAR sensor. The creators need to map the area and create its own 3D model to bring to Lens Studio.

Personalized lenses can be activated to share with a group of friends or a wider community to highlight a particular place.

Pradeepa Anandhi of Snap Lens Network has taken advantage of the latest update to create a custom Havmor marker in collaboration with Bharat Nagarajan, the official creator of Snap Lenses.

Called The Havmor Paradise Custom Landmarker Lens, the new Landmarker features an interactive dance cow. In addition, Havmor displays a virtual banner of ice cream in the back of the store, which has larger ice cream cones.

Snapchat has started showing Havmor Landmarker Lens
Photo Credit: Snap

Users can experiment with the Havmor Landmarker Custom Lens by simply scanning the Snap code at nearby ice cream parlors.

“We built this ice-paradise lens on Snapchat’s custom Landmarker technology. This lens completely transforms the exit into a land of ice cream fairies, ”Anandhi said.

A few months ago he started experimenting with Lens Studio’s Custom Landmarker Lens feature with Bharat.

The average author who uses more than 200 million users to attract AR claims Snapchat. The platform intends to take its AR experiences to new levels by including new custom Landmarkers features.

The Landmarkers function was initially launched in April 2019 as an original offering to superimpose AR experiences on popular architecture. It debuted in India a few months after its world premiere, offering AR filters to users visiting the Indian Gateway and Taj Mahal.

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