Snapchat bans anonymous messages from third-party apps

After being widely criticized for not taking its abuse and harassment policies seriously, Snapchat has banned anonymous messaging features from third-party apps that integrate with its platform.

The change came after Snapchat was blamed for misuse of its platform last year in connection with the death of a teenager who was being bullied in two apps connected to Snapchat.

Here is what Snap has to say about its new policies via a blog post:

Prohibit anonymous messages

First, we will ban applications that facilitate anonymous messaging from being integrated into our platform. In our review, we determined that even with the provision of safeguards in place, anonymous applications pose a risk of abuse that is impossible to mitigate to an acceptable level.

While we know that most Snapchat users use these anonymous integrations in fun, engaging, and completely appropriate ways, we believe that some users may be more likely to engage in harmful behavior (e.g., bullying or harassment) if they have anonymity cover. Under our new policy, we will not allow third-party applications to use Snapchat integration to facilitate communication between users without their registered and visible usernames and identities.

Age of friend to find applications for over 18s

Our review was comprehensive and examined the privacy and security of integrated applications beyond anonymous messages. We are also announcing today that friend search apps will not be accepted based on age and are not limited to Snapchat users over the age of 18. This change will better protect younger users and is more consistent with the use of Snapchat – communications between close friends they already know. each other.

As a platform that works with many developers, we want to foster an ecosystem that helps applications protect users ’security, privacy, and well-being, while unlocking product innovation for developers and helping them grow their business.

We believe we can do both, and we will continue to evaluate our policies on a regular basis, monitor compliance with applications, and continue to work with developers to better protect the well-being of our community.

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