Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Review: Choose Wisely

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is an attempt to steal some thunderbolts from the South Korean company to steal some thunderbolts from the main Chinese sub-region. 20,000 phone segment. On paper, the Galaxy F23 5G looks like a decent step up from the Galaxy F22. The big versions include a more powerful SoC with 5G, a higher resolution screen, and a newer (hopefully better) main camera. If you’ve read the first impressions of your phone and seen the photos, you probably know that the Galaxy F23 5G doesn’t have much of a cosmetic innovation. Overall, it still looks like a budget offer. After more time, see if this should be your next phone call.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G price in India

Samsung Galaxy F23 starts at 5G Rs. 17,499 Indian for 4GB RAM and 128GB storage variant, that’s what I tested. There is a 6 GB variant with the same amount of storage at Rs. 18,499. Samsung has announced an immediate Rs. 1,500 discount as an entry offer. Both Aqua Blue and Forest Green are available.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G design

Small design updates to the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G can be seen mostly on the back panel. The camera module is now rectangular, with the camera lens placed one below the other. The back panel has a matte finish and a good contrast with the bright side frame. Dirt and fingerprints are not immediately visible on the Forest Green unit, but this does not mean that they are not present. You don’t even receive a cash register.

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G has a sharp screen, but it can be brighter
Photo: Roydon Cerejo / Gadgets360

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G phone is a bit heavy and chunky, but after a few days I got used to it. It is well built and feels strong, even though the whole body is made of plastic. The right power button has a built-in fingerprint sensor. It has a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone, a USB C port, and a single speakerphone. The SIM tray is located on the left, at the top, and supports both nano-SIM and microSD card.

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G screen has somehow improved over the previous one, but it also takes a step back. You get an LCD panel this time instead of AMOLED, but it has Full-HD + resolution and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. It also has Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The front of this phone looks a bit outdated, with its prominent chin and chin with thick black bezels around it.

As for the accessories you create, you don’t get much. There’s only a USB Type C cable and a SIM removal tool. Samsung does not include any power adapter, which may surprise buyers.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G specifications and software

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G achieves the required performance improvement with Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G SoC. In India, the Galaxy F23 5G supports 12 5G bands, which will be enough for the future. There is a standard range of wireless connectivity standards. These include dual-band Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5, NFC and a variety of satellite navigation systems. You do not receive stereo speakers or IP ratings for water resistance.

samsung galaxy f23 5g ports at a glance ports gadgets360 ww

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G has all the ports and slots you can expect
Photo: Roydon Cerejo / Gadgets360

Galaxy F23 5G runs One UI 4.1 based on Android 12. Samsung has promised two years of software updates and four years of security updates for this phone, which is not bad and more than most other manufacturers offer in this segment. You don’t always get a visible screen or get Samsung DeX support like the top models, but the Galaxy F23 5G offers an experience that should be familiar to users of previous mid-range models. The interface isn’t the fastest and we’ll get to that in the next section, but in terms of features, the One UI is pretty well loaded. There are quite a few apps like Josh, Dailyhunt, etc. installed, in addition to the usual Microsoft, Google, and Samsung apps, but these can be uninstalled.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G performance and battery life

I’m glad Samsung sent me a 4GB variant to review, because now I can say for sure that you should avoid it and only look at the 6GB variant if you consider the Galaxy F23 5G. Things were fine when I started using them, but once I realized that when I was running a couple of apps in the background (and it didn’t matter which ones), this phone ran out of RAM very quickly. When I checked the memory stats, my phone typically had between 400MB and 700MB of free RAM, which was clearly not enough to run the OS properly. The RAM expansion feature was enabled by default, and 4GB (maximum limit) was allocated as storage RAM, but that didn’t help significantly.

The user experience can be slowed down very quickly, and sometimes, after turning your phone on, it also took a few seconds for simple tasks like switching from portrait to landscape orientation in the gallery app. The lag was also very noticeable for the preview of a photo I had just taken from the camera app and gallery. There were some gentle smoothness as I was moving from the UI, but sometimes the annoying waves of slowness continued, and that could be very frustrating when trying to do something. I hope the 6GB variant will provide a smoother experience.

samsung galaxy f23 5g review rram gadgets360 ww

The 4GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G can be felt fairly quickly with apps running in the background
Photo: Roydon Cerejo / Gadgets360

Benchmark scores were slightly lower than usual for this SoC, perhaps due to limited RAM. AnTuTuk, for example, was able to run a lite version of its 3DBench test suite, where the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G scored 303,898 points. Graphic benchmarks went a little better, for example, GFXBench’s T-Rex test averaged 77 fps.

A single speaker can make it very loud with multimedia and gaming, but the sound is one-way. When used inside the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G, the screen brightness was high enough and the colors looked good, though not as vivid as they would be on a good AMOLED panel. However, under the sunlight, the screen was pretty badly cleaned in my experience, and it was hard to see what was on the screen. Automatic brightness adjustment is relatively rare, and does not increase brightness beyond 50 percent even when the sun hits the screen. Even after the brightness of the hand was raised to the highest level, the readability of the display under bright light did not improve, so the phone might not interfere with this.

Informal games went well on the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G, but heavier titles struggled. Asphalt 9: Legends didn’t look its best and there was a bit of stuttering to play with. PUBG: The New State “Low” graphics setting was the default and didn’t look very good. The increase in visual quality made the game look better, but the gameplay wasn’t very smooth. SoC is pretty powerful, so this performance is disappointing.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G has a slightly lower capacity than its predecessor, but 5,000 mAh should be enough for most use cases. I could easily get it to last two days on a single charge, which I find very good. Our HD video loop test also had an echo of this, lasting 21 hours and 49 minutes on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Review Charging Tools360 ww

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G can be charged fairly quickly if you use the right power adapter
Photo: Roydon Cerejo / Gadgets360

The Galaxy F23 5G supports 25 W fast charging, but you will need to buy a Samsung charger or use your PD fast charger. Using a 65W power adapter with a Type C output, I was able to charge the Galaxy F23 5G to 44 percent in half an hour and up to 80 percent in an hour. Another 20 minutes or 100 percent.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G has a 50-megapixel main camera with f / 1.8 aperture, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera and a 2-megapixel macro camera. There is an 8 megapixel camera on the front for selfies. The camera app is a pretty rich feature, with a number of shooting modes that we’ve also seen in Samsung’s high-end offerings, such as Single Take. There’s a “fun” shooting mode that allows you to use filters with the front and rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G main camera sample (click to view full size)

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Ultra Wide Camera Sample (Click for full size)

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G main camera sample (click to view full size)

During the day, the main camera did a good job with the scenery and close-ups. The details were decent and so were the colors on the outside shots. However, the artificially lit interior scenes often looked pale and almost clean. Ultra wide cameras did better with colors in such scenarios, but the details were much weaker. The close-ups taken during the day looked good, with a nice depth of field and sharp details. The macros didn’t look very good, and even under the sunlight, the colors were distorted and the details were faint.

The low light performance was the biggest weakness of the Galaxy F22 and although things have improved a bit on the Galaxy F23 5G, it is still average. The close-ups looked good in the dim light, but trying to capture a wider scene at night was hard for the Galaxy F23 5G. The details were still good but not great. Unfortunately, Night Mode did nothing to improve the details, but it did fix the exposure of the light sources. It is advisable not to use the ultra-wide camera in low light unless you have a well-lit scene.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G main camera sample (click to view full size)

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Ultra Wide Camera Sample (Click for full size)

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G selfie camera sample (click to view full size)

The selfie camera was surprisingly good. In the light of day, the light measurement was well handled and my face and background were properly exposed. The skin tones and details of my hair and clothes were also very well received. Rarely did I realize that in order to get a blurry shot, I had to be very stable when taking a picture, but the colors and details were above average.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G can record videos up to 4K, but you can’t get stabilization at this resolution. The quality was pretty good during the day, but it was rarely average light. At 1080p, the stabilization works well during the day, even in a whirlwind of road you’re shooting from a moving vehicle. The camera app allows you to switch the camera to an ultra wide width while you’re recording, and that’s nice. The quality of the low light video was still pretty poor even at 1080p and the electronic stabilization caused some unpleasant artifacts in the footage while I was shooting while I was filming.


The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is excellent in terms of battery life. The promise of upgraded hardware and timely software updates with plenty of 5G bandwidth should remain important for a number of years to come. However, I would suggest opting for the 6GB RAM variant, as the 4GB variant did not provide a very good experience in this review. Compared to the Galaxy F22 5G (Review), the screen has better specifications, but not bright enough to be used outdoors in the sun. I also found the cameras to be average, and the low light performance is still not that great.

The Galaxy F23 5G faces stiff competition in sub-Rs. 20,000 segment. Vivo T1 (Review) and the recently announced iQoo Z6 should be considered. Oppo is also making a lot of noise around the upcoming K10 phone, which is expected to be priced at less than Rs. 20,000. There’s also the Redmi Note 11 Pro, if you don’t mind a lot of 5G, not to mention some older models like the Realme 8s 5G (Review) and Narzo 30 Pro 5G (Review), which are still worth considering.

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