Russian Invasion In Ukraine Is “Genocide”, The Canadian Parliament Votes -By ASC

Earlier this month, Canadian PM Trudeau called the Russian attack on Ukraine a “Genocide.”


Canadian lawmakers voted unanimously on Wednesday to call the Russian attack in Ukraine a “genocide”, with lawmakers saying there was “sufficient evidence of systemic and massive war crimes against humanity” committed by Moscow.

The Canadian House of Representatives motion said war crimes by Russia include mass atrocities, systematic examples of deliberate killings of Ukrainian civilians, desecration of corpses, forced transfer of Ukrainian children, torture, physical injury, mental injury, and rape.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was “very correct” for more and more people to describe Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide, supporting allegations made by US President Joe Biden the day before.

Biden had previously said in April that the Ukrainian aggression was similar to genocide but had added that lawyers internationally would have to decide whether the aggression met the criteria for genocide or not.

Russia, which denies genocide allegations, called its actions in Ukraine a “special military operation” and said it was necessary because the United States is using Ukraine to threaten Russia. Moscow, meanwhile, has accused Ukraine of genocide against Russian-speaking people, a charge that Ukraine denies as nonsense.

Canada is among several countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia after it invaded Ukraine on 24 February. On Wednesday, it imposed further sanctions on 203 individuals allegedly involved in Russian annexation attempts in certain areas of the eastern Donbas region. Ukraine.

The Canadian government also said it would change its sanctions laws to allow funds or property confiscated or blocked from Russia to be paid to help rebuild Ukraine or to those affected by Russian aggression.

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