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Russian Colonel Killed By Demoralized Army, 7th General Killed: Report

Ukraine War: Russia today said that the first phase of its military campaign in Ukraine is over


In a recent setback to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a country’s top commander was killed by his own men who were “discouraged” while a general is believed to have also died, reports said.

Western officials claim that seven Russian generals have so far been killed during the war in Ukraine. The latest to die, Lieutenant General Yakov Rezanstev, was the commander of Russia’s 49th Confederate Armed Forces in its southern military district.

Four days after Russia launched a military operation, Rezanstev has claimed that the war will end in a matter of hours, according to the BBC.

Facing fierce opposition, the Russian army has failed to capture any major city in the month since invading Ukraine. According to Russia’s defense ministry, 1,351 military personnel have been killed and 3,835 wounded since it launched a military offensive on February 24.

Western officials said they believed a Russian commander had been killed by his own men who were “demoralized”. Russian soldiers drove a tank over Colonel Yuri Medvedev after their unit suffered heavy losses in Ukraine, The Independent reported.

The incident took place in Makariv, west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, after nearly 50% of the 37th guard’s motorized rifle team was killed in the war, The Guardian reported.

Russia on Saturday announced that the first phase of its military campaign in Ukraine has ended and it will now shift its focus to the complete “liberation” of the eastern Donbas region.

Redesigning Russia’s goals may make it easier for President Vladimir Putin to claim a face -saving victory, military analysts say. Moscow said its goals include destroying Ukraine. Western officials dismiss this as an unfounded excuse for a war they say is aimed at toppling the Ukrainian government.

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