Russia-Ukraine War: Russian Hypersonic Missile “Not a Game Changer” In Ukraine: US Pentagon

The use of hypersonics that were difficult to bypass by Russia marked a dramatic increase in its war campaign.


Russia’s claim it uses hypersonic missiles in Ukraine is a way to reclaim the momentum of the war, but next -generation armaments have not proven to be “game changers,” the Pentagon chief said Sunday.

Moscow has said it has fired two hypersonic missiles at Ukraine, and while U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will not “confirm or dispute” whether Russia uses such weapons, he warns that President Vladimir Putin’s aggression is undergoing changes in tactics including targeting people. public.

Russia’s elusive use of hypersonics will mark a dramatic escalation of its campaign to force Ukraine to abandon hope for closer ties with the West.

But “I’m not going to see it as a game changer,” Austin told CBS talk show “Face the Nation.”

“I think the reason he’s using this type of weapon is because he’s trying to re -create momentum,” he added. “And again, we’ve seen him attack towns and cities and civilians outright (and) we expect to see him continue.”

The Ukrainian army, which has run out of weapons, has staged an unexpectedly fierce resistance that has slowed Russia’s advance, blocking its troops outside the capital Kyiv and several other cities, leaving Moscow’s supply lines vulnerable to Ukrainian attacks.

“They present some important problems for Russia,” and Putin’s military cessation on the ground “has the effect of him moving his troops into lumberjacks,” Austin said.

“The Ukrainians have continued to attack his team, and they are very effective in using the equipment we have provided to them.”

Austin visited Europe last week in a bid to tighten NATO unity and strengthen the alliance’s east wing.

U.S. President Joe Biden has announced $ 800 million in new security aid to Kyiv, responding to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s appeal for more military aid and bringing the total U.S. aid this month to $ 1 billion.

With Putin and Russia under punitive Western sanctions, Moscow has reportedly asked China for military and economic assistance for its war, a claim Beijing denies.

As a potential way to strengthen its military, Russia has recruited thousands of Syrian military members and allied militia fighters for possible deployment in Ukraine, a war monitor said.

“We’ve heard from several sources that this, in fact, is happening,” Austin said, but “we haven’t seen mercenaries appear on the battlefield to my knowledge.”

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