Russia has launched a “Departure Procedure” from the Council of Europe

Russia joined the European Council in 1996.


The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that it was launching a process to withdraw from the European Council as pressure on Moscow’s expulsion from the European rights group increased.

The ministry has issued a statement on the “launch of the exit procedure from the Council of Europe” in its Telegram account, and has announced that it will go ahead with Secretary-General Marija Pejcinovic Buric.

Ukraine on Monday called for Russia’s immediate expulsion from the European Council, saying it had no right to remain a member after sending troops to a pro-Western country.

Russia, on February 24, allowed tens of thousands of troops to enter Ukraine and one day suspend all representation rights.

The Foreign Ministry described the move as “discriminatory” in its statement that “under such conditions, our country will not remain in the Council of Europe”.

Pejcinovic Buric told AFP earlier this month that “more and more voices are demanding that the next step be the expulsion of the Russian Federation.”

Russia joined the European Council in 1996.

“We are participating in a European Council like this without remorse,” the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The ministry said its departure “will not affect the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens” and will “continue to apply the rulings of the already adopted European Court of Human Rights unless they violate the Russian Constitution.”


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