Review of Just Corseca Ray Cannabis Smartwatch: Speaker on Your Wrist

Smart watches are not usually built to be rugged. It is an electronic device, and the wearer has to put in a lot of effort to protect many of their delicate components. There are a few exceptions, like the devices I checked out here. Worth Rs. 5,999, Just Corseca Ray Cannabis is designed to withstand the elements, with IP68 dust and water resistance as well as a rubber wrist strap. It supports multi -activity tracking, and has a large, sporty dial that inspires confidence.

Just Corseca Ray Cannabis features a 1.28 -inch color touch screen, and heart rate and SpO2 monitoring. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS. Is this the best rugged entry level smartwatch you can buy right now? Find out in this review.

Just Corseca Ray Cannabis has two physical buttons on the right, but you have to use the touch screen for navigation and control

Just a Corseca Ray Cannabis design

While many affordable smartwatches from brand new are more than notifications for apps on your phone, Just Corseca Ray Cannabis is closer to the ideal smartwatch because you can use it to answer phone calls. It is priced quite high at Rs. 5,999 compared to similar products, and this is probably partly due to the rugged design inspired by the Casio G-Shock, which I really like.

Complementing this look is the fact that the smartwatch is rated IP68 for dust and water resistance, which should help it withstand the elements. Just Corseca Ray Cannabis is available in three colors: black, green and blue. I think all the colors look good, even the black ones match the pre -installed facing watches the best. The bottom of the smartwatch has an optical sensor for heart rate and SpO2 measurement.

Just Corseca Ray Cannabis has a 1.28 -inch round IPS LCD touch display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels and a UV -reflective coating for better visibility in direct sunlight. There are two buttons on the right, both of which can be used to expand the screen. The buttons at the top serve as the Back and Home buttons if you’re in a menu or app, while the bottom button lets you browse apps pre -installed on the device. This smartwatch works primarily with tap and swipe gestures to navigate the interface and make selections.

Included with the Just Corseca Ray Cannabis is a pre-installed rubber strap, but this can be removed and replaced with any 44mm watch strap after market. The included straps are waterproof and felt quite sturdy. It has a lot of adjustment points that help me get a comfortable fit. Also included in the box is a magnetic pogo-pin charger for charging the watch.

just corseca ray cannabis review back Just Corseca

The optical sensor on the bottom of the smart watch allows the detection of heart rate and blood oxygen

The main feature of Just Corseca Ray Cannabis is the ability to use it as a hands -free speakerphone. The device can be paired with any smartphone as a hands-free device using Bluetooth, and has a microphone and speakers to allow you to answer phone calls. You can sync notifications from your paired smartphone and display them on your wrist, but you can’t reply to them from the device. This smart watch has a 400mAh battery.

Only Corseca Ray Cannabis software, interface and applications

While some affordable smartwatch manufacturers like Noise and Realme have their own apps that allow their devices to function, Just Corseca relies on third -party Da Fit apps. I’ve previously used this with the Fire-Boltt Talk smartwatch, and it’s available for both iOS and Android.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only similarity Just Corseca Ray Cannabis shares with Fire-Boltt Talk. Aside from the fact that both smartwatches have built-in speakerphone capabilities and use Bluetooth audio coupling to enable functionality, the user interfaces of both devices are quite similar in terms of apps, fonts, menus and pre-installed controls.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the clock face on these two devices. Just Corseca Ray Cannabis has four watch faces attached that are designed to fit its rugged aesthetic. These can be previewed and selected using the Da Fit app. There is a tab for downloading additional clock faces. While some of the downloadable options are nice, I prefer the four pre -installed options and stick to the default options for most of my reviews.

The user interface is fairly basic, but fully functional and includes the Just Corseca Ray Cannabis feature set appropriately. The Quick Settings drop -down menu gives you quick access to basic functions such as brightness and connection status, and also shows the day, date and battery level.

Swipe from left to right on the screen displays a list of apps, and swipe right to left cycles through health trackers such as steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 and speaker functions. Swipe up from the bottom shows unread notifications from your smartphone.

I found interacting with the screen on the Just Corseca Ray Cannabis a bit difficult. Swipe gestures are sometimes not registered, while tapping is often triggered inadvertently, including one when I accidentally reset the smartwatch and had to go through the pairing process again.

The Da Fit app is well -designed and offers reliable connectivity as well as easy access to health tracking data, basic settings and options for smart watches. You can use it to change the clock face, enable notifications for specific apps, set alarms, use the smartwatch as a shutter remote control for your smartphone camera and more.

Performance and battery life are only Corseca Ray Cannabis

Since the Da Fit app is compatible with Android and iOS, Just Corseca Ray Cannabis is device agnostic. The app experience naturally varies depending on your smartphone’s operating system. Once set up, the smartwatch works well for its own health and fitness tracking function even when not connected to a paired smartphone. I tested Just Corseca Ray Cannabis on Android with OnePlus 9 (Review).

For functions such as timely push notifications, you need to make sure the smartwatch and phone are connected at all times. This works well for me, and I can also determine which apps can push notifications to the smartwatch. The list of supported apps is good, and includes popular ones like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the phone’s default messaging and system apps.

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Fitness and activity tracking are generally difficult at Just Corseca Ray Cannabis

The Just Corseca Ray Cannabis screen can be developed in two ways – via a lift gesture to get up or by pressing one of the physical buttons on the smartwatch. Disappointingly, tapping the screen doesn’t wake it up, and the lift gesture to wake up is a bit unreliable for me because it sometimes doesn’t register

The ability to tap the screen to develop it will be useful in such situations, as pressing any button requires little effort. Pressing the up button on the home screen is the only way to turn off the display because there are no other quick gestures (like closing the screen with the palm of your hand) to do this. It’s either that or wait for the screen time to end automatically after a preset interval.

There are a handful of sports and activity modes including walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football. For this review, I stick to the basics – walking and climbing stairs – to keep track of activity. I also tested sleep, heart rate and SpO2 tracking.

When counting 1,000 steps manually, Just Corseca Ray Cannabis measured 1,077 steps, a margin of error of nearly eight percent. This remains pretty much the same even at longer distances and higher step counts, compared to readings from my Apple Watch Series 5. The distance measurement while walking is roughly comparable to what the Apple Watch calculates, although there are large differences in the calculated steps.

The heart rate tracking was accurate, matching my Apple Watch and pulse oximeter readings while sitting, but turned off up to seven beats per minute compared to the Apple Watch while walking. Sometimes the heart rate readings on both devices are similar when I wear both smart watches at the same time, so it’s hard to determine the cause of this anomaly.

SpO2 tracking is random and unreliable, offering completely different readings than a pulse oximeter. Blood pressure readings are strange and seem to change wildly with each measurement. As I suggested before, you need the right medical grade equipment to measure blood pressure, and the optical sensors on smart watches are unreliable for accurate readings. Sleep tracking is good, but the data captured is pretty basic and really just tells me exactly how many hours I had slept the night before.

Using Just Corseca Ray Cannabis as a hands -free speakerphone for calls is simple and easy. The call sounded loud and clear provided I lifted the device to my face. This also helps the microphone pick up my voice clearly, and the experience is perfect for short calls. You can also use the speakers to play audio if you like, but the sound is not tuned for this function, and as expected, the music sounds quite loud.

Other functions on the watch include a media controller app to control music playback on your smartphone, a shutter app to control the camera remotely when the smartphone is placed away from you and a Flappy Bird mobile game clone that can be played on the smartwatch itself.

The battery life on the Just Corseca Ray Cannabis depends on your usage. I was able to use it for about seven days on a single charge with frequent notifications, constant connection to my smartphone, regular fitness and heart rate tracking and occasionally receiving calls on the device. This is good enough for a device in this price range, although it is much lower than the figure the company claimed for 15 days.


While the Just Corseca Ray Cannabis looks great and has a lot of features, the actual use experience isn’t as good as I expected for the price. The speakerphone and notification functions from the app work well, the Da Fit app is overall good and the battery life is good. However, tracking fitness and health is difficult, putting the device at a considerable disadvantage compared to a similarly priced device like the Realme Watch 2 Pro.

Just Corseca Ray Cannabis might be worth considering for basic smartwatch functionality. However, options like the Realme Watch 2 Pro and Fire-Boltt Talk offer better overall performance at a more affordable price, and are well worth considering if you want to spend less.


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