Recap of Moon Knight Episode 1: Steven Grant Oscar Isaac Meets Marc Spector Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight episode 1 – out now on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar – is a bizarre and disconnected introduction to one of Marvel’s most bizarre and disconnected comic book characters. Even the action of the first episode takes place abruptly, with protagonist Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) blank at crucial moments. As an end Moon Knight episode 1 reveals, that’s because Steven isn’t one. He shares his body with Marc Spector who was once described as a mercenary and unlike Steven. It’s a classic dissociative identity disorder – though Moon Knight episode 1 never mentioned it that way – and why Steven has lost hours and days of his life.

Although we were never told what happened to that horrible tall beast with a bird’s skull for its head. Could it be Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god who resurrected Marc Spector from death in Marvel comics? The ghost he carried did have a crescent -shaped tip.

Although there is no clear mention of Khonshu in Moon Knight episode 1, villain Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) – who only gets two rounds, if you don’t count the opening rounds – names another Egyptian god in Ammit. I feel Moon Knight will be Egyptian themed; Steven’s workplace has something to do with it. Egyptian-Palestinian actor May Calamawy is part of the lead cast as well, though we only hear his voice on Moon Knight episode 1.

We had more questions than answers at the end of the first episode – and I think that’s what Marvel wants now.

Moon Knight episode 1 – directed by Mohamed Diab, and written by Moon Knight creator Jeremy Slater – opened with Bob Dylan’s 1981 song “Every Grain of Sand”. We saw a man drinking from a glass, breaking the glass with a hammer, inserting the broken pieces into his slippers, and then walking in them. What’s with this self -torture routine? Though Moon Knight cutting around the character’s face, you can tell it’s Ethan Hawke from the silhouette.

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Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

After the Marvel Studios title card was dropped, the song switched to Engelbert Humperdinck’s “A Man Without Love” from 1968. Our protagonist Steven (Isaac) wakes up with one ankle chained to a bedpost. He freed himself, fed Gus one finned fish, and called his mother. Steven works in a gift shop at London’s National Art Gallery-his job is to sell candy to visiting children-and is quite knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt. She’s always late for work, apparently she doesn’t enjoy it, and her boss Donna (Lucy Thackeray) doesn’t make it easy. At work that day Moon Knight episode 1, Steven finds out he has a date with a coworker the next day. Strangely, he did not remember asking her out. And their date is at a steak place, which doesn’t make sense considering Steven is a vegan.

Back home that night, Steven tries to take care of himself at night Moon Knight episode 1. Despite his best efforts, he seems to have finally fallen asleep because when he wakes up, Steven finds himself on the field – with his jaw exploding. When Steven regains consciousness, a bodyless voice states that “the fool has been able to control” and tells him to “hand over the corpse to Marc.” When the man with the gun started firing at him, the voice told him to run. Steven complied and ran towards a village of European character – clearly visible from the signage we saw.

Steven came across a group of people who were making space, touching him, and bowing in front of someone like they had seen a god. Hawke came in Moon Knight episode 1, calls himself Arthur Harrow. He has a scale of supernatural justice in his right arm and a funny -looking stick, which he uses to judge people on behalf of the Egyptian god Ammit. If the scales turn green, you are free to go. But if they turn red, Arthur sucks your life. When Arthur’s men carrying guns gave him bad news – a man killed two of them and stole something – he said something in a language his followers understood and quickly knelt down.

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moon knight episod 1 oscar isaac alps moon knight episod 1

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Only Steven was left standing among the crowd that entered Moon Knight episode 1, which gives him a go. Arthur confronts Steven, identifies him as a mercenary and asks him to return the “scarab”. Sorry, what scarab? Steven looked into his pocket, and lo and behold, he found a small artifact in the shape of a golden scarab. Steven was willing to hand it over to Arthur, but the voice within him didn’t allow him to do so – literally. His limbs resisted him, and as soon as it was forcibly taken from him, another personality – Marc? – took over, and the person next to him eventually died and was covered in blood.

Steven “returns” to see what he was doing and escapes with a van, and when he is chased by Arthur’s men, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” Wham! played. A voice in his head shouted, “Wake up Marc, this fool is going to kill us.” And when Steven gets in too much danger, Marc seems to get up, and handle the situation. The car chase ends when Steven confronts the last minion, before the logs-which were uprooted from the overturned truck carrying them-fall and kill them. Frightened Steven got up from his bed Moon Knight episode 1, thought he dreamed it all. After all, the arrangement, whether tape or ankle retainer, is ready.

But maybe he doesn’t? Steven realizes that his fish Gus has two fins now, instead of one. Steven goes to the fish shop to complain – there’s a jab here at Finding Nemo, and it’s nice that Disney allowed the joke – and realizes that it’s almost time for his appointment. But at the restaurant, Steven finds he has lost two days thanks to Marc. Steven ordered a steak for himself even though he was vegan. He then returned home in a state of frustration, where after dropping the chocolate ball he had swallowed, he found a hiding place in his apartment. Inside, Steven finds a lock and a latch phone that has a missed call from Layla. Many of them. At the time, Layla (May Calamawy, the Moon Knight episode 1 credit reveals) calls again. He also calls him Marc, he’s confused about what’s wrong with “Steven”, and then he decides to call him.

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moon knight episod 1 oscar isaac flip phone moon knight episod 1

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Shortly afterwards, lights began flashing in Steven’s flat Moon Knight episode 1. Marc apparently started talking to her through the mirror, prompting Steven to run out and into the elevator. She ends up on the dark floor where she sees a giant figure approaching her – unless it turns out to be an old woman. They made an awkward little conversation and he came out on the fifth floor. Steven turns and is confronted by the strange -looking giant figure again, but as he screams, he finds himself in the bus. What is happening? Steven saw the strange thing for a moment on the road-and as he hurried out of the bus, he spotted Arthur on top of him. Oh wait, that guy is right, Steven realizes.

As he walked to work, Steven thought he spotted a man from inside the bus. Steven tries to find her – it turns out that Arthur is checking the nickname Steven gave her the time they met before. “I don’t have your Scarab,” Steven told him, to which Arthur replied: “The Scarab belongs to Ammit, not me.” Arthur asks Steven if he knows Ammit – one of the Egyptian gods – who describes him as the world’s first bogeyman. He’s just a bogeyman for villains, Arthur replied Moon Knight episode 1. He does not wait for sinners to commit crimes before they are punished. Arthur believes Ammit can stop every villain, from Nero to Hitler, if he is free. “But he was betrayed by a lazy fellow god – and his own Avatar,” Arthur added.

All this time, Steven has been looking for a way out of Arthur, but it turns out he has a lot of smart followers around them. Arthur then reveals he knows about the voice in Steven’s head. As he holds Steven’s hand, the frightened Steven points out that he has killed a woman in the Alps, the way he holds it now. Arthur placed a stick between Steven’s arms, and the scale of unseen justice in his arm began to move. “There’s chaos in you,” Arthur said, though Moon Knight episode 1 doesn’t tell us the color of the scales like before. When the door of a nearby museum opened, Steven ran towards the door – and Arthur told the crowd to let it go.

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moon knight episod 1 oscar isaac museum moon knight episod 1

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Late at night at the museum, everyone is gone and Steven is stuck in an inventory task. Just as he was about to leave, he heard a dog and went looking for it. As Steven walks around the show, he finds a giant figure lurking around him – but this one isn’t the same as before. Above the loudspeaker, Arthur’s voice asks Steven to hand over the Scarab and he won’t get hurt. Steven was too busy with the creature – it was like some kind of unseen wolf – who was chasing him Moon Knight episode 1. Steven runs through the museum, before locking himself in the bathroom.

There for the first time on Moon Knight episode 1, Marc confronts Steven. She tells him to hand over the corpses so he can save them from “that thing”. He initially refused, but the panicked Steven finally agreed. And as he transfers control, Steven/Marc transforms into a Moon Knight-a mummy-style white gauze appears out of nowhere to cover Isaac’s body, along with a veil and cloak. Moon Knight episode 1 is cut short before the camera returns to the bathroom, showing how brutally the Moon Knight fights the creature, beating him to pieces with his bare hands. As the Moon Knight turned and stared into the camera, Moon Knight episode 1 ends.

Moon Knight episode 1 is currently streaming on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes are released every Wednesday around 12:30 noon IST/ 12 am PT.


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