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Rahul Gandhi Predicts Prashant Kishor’s Rejection On Day One: Source -By ASC

It was the PK who sought out the Congress leader and called for a meeting, sources said. (FAIL)

New Delhi:

Rahul Gandhi “on Day One” predicted that Prashant Kishor would not join Congress and many leaders felt that the strategist wanted to “use Congress” to the advantage of other parties, party sources said today. Doubts and misgivings are mutual, contrary to sources close to Prashant Kishor.

Sources say Prashant Kishor, or PK, was offered the functional responsibility of election management in the Empowered Congress Committee. He turned down the offer yesterday. PK wants to be the political secretary to the Congress president or Vice President, the source said.

“Rahul Gandhi on the First Day himself said PK will not join, this is not the first time he has been offered a place in the party,” said a source.

It was the PK who sought out Congressional leaders and asked the meeting to make a presentation to Congress, sources said. “Various Congressional leaders in the committee are seriously considering his proposal but want an overview of the PK,” they said.

Many in the group of eight assigned to evaluate the PK’s proposal felt he was unreliable and used the Congressional platform.

Sources close to Prashant Kishor claimed he had deep doubts about how to invest the Congress leadership in the difficult decision to revive the party.

On election strategists rejecting party offers, Congress today said “our doors and windows are open to anyone interested in joining us”.

“The offer to PK to join Congress was made the day before yesterday. He said no. We don’t know why,” senior leader P Chidambaram said.

While praising the presentation and analysis of the PK data, Mr Chidambaram said several “actionable” recommendations would be implemented.

Sources close to the strategist said he did not feel Congress and its leadership had invested enough in his proposal, even though they appeared to support the plan.

Rahul Gandhi’s foreign travels at the moment reinforce that skepticism.

Instead of a “direct approach”, Rahul Gandhi, one of Congress’s top decision -makers, appeared “solitary” and barely attended any meetings, said a source close to the PK. He chose to go abroad scheduled when he could postpone it for party time.

The detachment Rahul Gandhi saw was different from his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s passion, but that was not enough, sources said. Sonia Gandhi, president of Congress, was present throughout the discussion.

Sources also said the doubts voiced by some veterans in response to Prashant Kishore’s idea and his inclusion in the party betrayed a sense of nervousness within the party over reforms that could, sooner or later, jeopardize their already entrenched position.

After days of negotiations and meetings, including speculation that PK joining Congress was a “settled affair”, the first sign of trouble was when the party, on Monday, announced “Chintan Shivir (introspection camp)” but avoided any questions on PK .

Yesterday, the confirmation came from spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala and PK in a series of tweets.

One of the key points in the Congress-PK talks was the party’s insistence on gradual change as opposed to Big Bang reforms which could disappoint many leaders.

Prashant Kishor, the source said, was also not prepared to just get a seat at the table as far as the Congress decision is concerned. For ace strategists, who have been in direct contact with people like Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar and Amarinder Singh in the past, it is unacceptable. He reportedly wants direct access to Sonia Gandhi and a free hand to execute his plans for India’s oldest party.


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