Putin Tells UN Chief There Is Still Hope In Ukraine Negotiations -By ASC

Putin said negotiations with Ukraine had been derailed by allegations of atrocities committed by Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin told the visiting UN chief on Tuesday that he still had hope for negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine.

“Despite the fact that military operations are underway, we still hope that we will be able to reach an agreement on the diplomatic track. We are negotiating, we are not pushing (talks),” Putin told UN Secretary -General Antonio Guterres, who is visiting Moscow, in a speech on television.

Sitting across from Guterres at a long table in the Kremlin, Putin said negotiation efforts with Ukraine had been derailed by allegations of atrocities committed by Russian troops in the town of Bucha outside Kyiv.

“There was a provocation in the village of Bucha, which had nothing to do with the Russian army,” Putin said. “We know who provided this provocation, in what way, and the kind of people who did it.”

Putin told Guterres he was “aware of your concerns about Russian military operations” in Ukraine and was prepared to discuss them, but blamed the unrest in the country as an “anti-state coup” that toppled the pro-Russian president in 2014.

Guterres reiterated his call from earlier meetings with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for Moscow and Kyiv to work with the UN to establish aid and evacuation corridors to help civilians in Ukraine.

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