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Pune Techie, who regularly listens to Elon Musk

The number of followers of Mr. Pathole has risen on Twitter and he now has more than lakh followers.

New Delhi:

A 23-year-old Indian technician who is in contact with Twitter expert Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says he wants to work with his “model” and learn from him. Pune-based software professional Pranay Pathole had his first interaction four years ago with Mr. Musk, now the richest man in the world, while defending himself from social media users who were dissatisfied with criticism of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Elon Musk is known to respond to tweets from his followers from time to time. However, Mr. Pathole says he has a relationship with the tech billionaire mogul through direct messages on the microblogging website on a variety of topics: from technical things, the need for multi-planet life, and sending men to Mars.

Mr. Pathole, who currently works with Tata Consultancy Services, has been impressed with Mr. Musk’s “employee and multi-tasking ability” and dreams of getting to know him physically someday.

“One day he’s building the strongest rocket (Starship), the next day he’s working on a car that’s completely self-driving, the next he’s trying to fix traffic problems, and he’s trying to find solutions to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Neuralink. Young guys like me it would be very amazing for one to be able to work with him, ”he told the PTI news agency.

He said he was fascinated by the tech mogul and tweeted about technical things. “In 2018, I tweeted about some automatic washing machine sensors that will start working when it detects water droplets. Within minutes, Musk responded that (the function) was being implemented in the next update (of a vehicle manufactured by his company),” he said. news agency.

Joy continued for Pathol when Musk sent a direct message (DM) to Twitter in December 2020, while Musk was answering a question about a predatory engine used by SpaceX to build a large rocket.

“From there, our DM started the conversation. I tweeted some interesting technical things and then he would respond. I think my tweets seemed intriguing and interesting. They (tweets) called his attention and he started responding,” he said. .

He also defended the Tesla CEO when he was being ridiculed on social media for challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin in a “single fight” because Ukraine’s fate was at stake.

“Why are people spreading hatred against @elonmusk? In fact, he is offering Starlink Internet service to Ukraine while trolling the Russian military at the same time. I love him a lot. It’s ridiculous how he publicly mocks Putin,” he said. .

The number of followers of Mr. Pathole has risen on Twitter and now has more than lakh followers, but he says he is not doing it to create an impact on social media. “I really feel like his heart is in the right place and he’s trying to achieve great and ambitious things for the right reasons,” he said.

The Pune technician, who describes her as a “sensitive machine” in her Twitter biography, says she plans to pursue a master’s degree in machine learning and data science from the U.S., where she hopes to have a physical meeting with her model.

Elon Musk says he answers frequently and asks questions about the technical specifications of the SpaceX and the Starship rocket and its powerful engine.

“I also ask him about Tesla’s ‘complete self-driving’ car, and I also ask him about the toughest challenges his company engineers have to overcome to develop such a vehicle. So I ask questions like this and he answers me through DM,” the software engineer said.

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