President Zelensky will speak to the US Congress about the Russia-Ukraine War

Zelensky has grown to seek help to defend his country from the deadly attack of Russia.


The Ukrainian president will give a virtual speech to Congress on Wednesday to urge lawmakers to step up pressure on the White House to take a tougher stance on Russia’s invasion.

The two sides have launched a new dialogue amid deadly airstrikes in the capital, Kiev, almost three weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the attack.

“We look forward to (Volodymyr) President Zelensky’s speech while the House and Senate welcome the privilege of welcoming democracy and delivering our support to the people of Ukraine as they boldly defend democracy,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Member Chuck Schumer. joint letter to members of parliament.

Anthony Rota, Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, said Zelensky will also speak to Ottawa lawmakers on Tuesday.

Zelensky is increasingly desperate for help in defending his country from a deadly Russian attack, and has repeatedly called on Washington, the European Union and NATO to demand military hardware.

Wearing a military green T-shirt and sitting next to a Ukrainian flag, Zelensky spoke to lawmakers from the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties in a March 5 video call to demand support for Russian aircraft.

Poland has offered to send Soviet-style MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine via a German air base in the United States.

The White House – fearing that the move could escalate tensions with Russia – rejected the proposal, raising “serious concerns” over the entire NATO alliance.

And Moscow confirmed over the weekend that its troops could strike Western arms supplies in Ukraine and that the introduction of weapons would make convoys a “legitimate target.”

On both sides of Congress, however, there is a growing demand for a stronger US stance.

‘Opportunity to fight’

“What we’ve heard directly from Ukrainians is that they want them wrong,” Republican Sen. Rob Portman said in a plane interview with CNN on Sunday during a trip to the Ukrainian-Polish border.

“They want the ability to better control the skies to give them a chance to fight. I don’t understand why we don’t.”

Democrat senator Amy Klobuchar, who was also on the visit, told the network that she had spoken to Biden “about 10 days ago” about the fighters, adding: “I would like to see the planes there.”

Republicans initially directed calls for a transfer last week, though veterans of the inter-Democrat military and the 58-member Problem Solvers Caucus also sided with the move.

“Russia, with its worrying contempt for civilian deaths in Ukraine, must help the United States … provide more comprehensive air defense systems to defend Ukraine and its people,” they said in a letter of support.

Congress denies White House foreign policy, but is increasingly pressuring the Biden administration to provide a more punitive response to Russia’s attack, which has been remarkably successful.

Members of both sides called for tougher sanctions against Russia and allowed more than double the military and humanitarian aid requested by the administration for Ukraine.

Congress also urged Biden to announce a ban on Russian oil, which he described as politically dangerous amid a spiral of gas prices, and urged Washington to push for an end to its regular, lasting trade relations with Russia.

Biden authorized $ 200 million in additional military equipment for Ukraine on Saturday, February 26, in addition to $ 350 million in green light.

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