PayPal CEO Dan Schulman praises Crypto Utility underestimates market volatility concerns

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman reiterated his positive stance on the cryptocurrency industry in an interview, saying he is least concerned about the future price of Bitcoin, highlighting the ability and use of the cryptocurrency industry to transform the global financial system. cases of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with the traditional financial world. The real promise of digital currencies, according to Schulman, lies in payments, not in buying and selling or predicting price movements.

Schulman said in an interview with Calcalist Tech that the Central Bank’s Digital Currency (CBDC), stable currencies, digital wallets and improved availability to pay through cryptocurrencies will lead to the financial world of the future.

“The first thing we all think about is crypto, buying and selling, and what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow, that’s the most interesting thing for me about digital currency. That’s thinking about digital currency as an active class. it’s about how useful they can be in payments, ”says Schulman.

“The intersection between CBDC, stable currencies, digital wallets and enhanced availability of payments through cryptocurrencies is not only fascinating, but I believe it will redefine many financial worlds going forward,” he added.

Meanwhile, PayPal has been quite active in the field of cryptocurrencies, increasing the number of cryptocurrencies available to its customers and has invested heavily in educating its users about cryptocurrencies. The payment company has also made it possible for its customers to securely withdraw their cryptocurrencies and transfer them to third-party wallets.

Dan Schulman’s interview comes a few weeks before he spoke at the Axis Tel Aviv conference, the international investment and innovation conference that will begin on March 29 at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in Israel. More than 50 investors from foreign venture capital funds and international corporations are expected to meet at this year’s conference with 70 Israeli startups exploring innovative technologies.

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