Owner Of Ola S1 Pro Burning Scooter In Tamil Nadu – By ASC

The owner of the Ola S1 Pro set fire to his scooter after facing various problems with his scooter since receiving the shipment three months ago

An Ola Electric S1 Pro owner in Tamil Nadu burning his scooter was reportedly unhappy with the scooter’s performance and unpredictable distance. This is the first incident reported at this time where a scooter owner set fire to their own vehicle. Video of the incident appeared in the Sun News showing the owner pouring gasoline on a scooter on the side of the road before setting it on fire.

While we don’t have all the details, the report said, its owner, Dr Prithviraj was not happy with the scooter’s performance and erratic distance. Prithviraj received delivery of the electric scooter 3 months ago and had problems with the model on three separate occasions. Ola Support is said to have inspected his scooter but found nothing wrong with it.

In the most recent and final incident, the scooter, reportedly fully charged, ran out of range in just 44km. Angered at facing these issues with the scooter, the owner poured gasoline on the scooter and set it on fire.

This is the second incident this week of Ola scooter owners working hard to voice their frustration. Recently the owner in Maharashtra marching his scooter pulled by a donkey and shrouded in banners asking the public not to trust the company in the town of Parli. The owner was reportedly frustrated with the lack of feedback from the company following his scooter breaking down a few days after delivery.

While the company is pursuing its plans for developing new electric cars, it seems there are still some issues arising about his electric scooter. Complaints and incidents ranged from issues with the build quality to a scooter involved in an overturned ride in the middle without warning to one incident of the scooter burning on the roadside in Pune.

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