Only 90s Kids Will Get Pictures Of This Rapper Holding Vanilla Ice, Well, Ice

Is this picture so cool? (Ihsan vanillaice)


  • She became a star with the song ‘Ice Ice Baby’
  • The song received a warm reception in the 90s
  • Vanilla Ice added the hashtags #IceIceBaby and #HavingFun

New Delhi:

Remember the 90s Vanilla Ice sensation? Yes, we’re talking about the pop sensation that produced the song Baby Ice Ice. How can we forget it, right? Her bold numbers and lyrics won some hearts around the world when it was released. But why are we talking about it now? Well, Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, is back in the headlines and how. This time, the rapper has given something funny to remember his iconic song. He has tweeted a photo that reminds us Baby Ice Ice. And, he did it in a funny way. Vanilla Ice tweeted a photo where she was seen holding two bags of ice. At the far right of the photo, we see a baby. Of course, this picture is just a visual representation of the song title. The caption reads, “When an opportunity like this comes, you have to do it.” He added the hashtags, “Ice Ice Baby” and “Having fun”. Take a look:

People on Twitter were entertained by the representation of this song. Someone wrote that he sent this picture to his mother for viewing.

Someone else called Baby Ice Ice an unmissable classic. “It’s still a classic to this day. It still gets a warm reception when the bass comes in. Baby Ice Ice,“wrote someone.

People remembered the iconic song and commented on how the song stayed with them all this time. One user wrote, “Won’t lie. Every time, I get an ice bag and it sings ice ice baby I think you are. Always good. “

Vanilla ice made it big in the 90s. However, he was arrested in a theft case in 2015.


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