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“One Click” Compensation? Farmers disagree with Shivraj Chouhan’s claim


Part of Madhya Pradesh’s farmer has been digging holes, with Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the prime minister, saying that the state government has paid him full compensation for the loss of the crop with a “single click”. The claim was made by Mr. Chouhan last month. The government, he said, has transferred $ 7.618 billion against 49,000 claims.

Many farmers now say that the money has not reached their bank accounts.

On March 2, farmers marched nearly 25 km to reach Multair and protested near the office of the Subdivisional Magistracy, claiming that they had not received any money through crop insurance.

“Officials told me that you pay the premium to get insurance. I paid the premium to save the corn crop, but not a penny was received,” said a farmer in the village of Pappu Panse Tiwerkheda.

Chicliko Akram Patel said: “11 panchayats have been considered null and void … we have not received a single paisa.”

“I have been paying the amount of insurance since 2014, but so far I have never had any insurance benefits,” Ramu Baraskar said.

Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel admitted that part of the farmers have not yet received the money. At the press, they said that their number will reach 1.15 lakh and that they are distributed in all the divisions of Madhya Pradesh. “About 1.15 lakh farmers have not received the amount due to double or bad accounts, they have also been given instructions, many benefits have been given to farmers by making various corrections under RBC 6 (4). Madhya Pradesh has received Krishi. Karman Award for seven years in a row. All this it has been made possible by the hard work of the state farmers. ‘

Ram Singh, a farmer from Gardavad in Dhar district, said he had only received a fixed mega-sized check but had no money.

Similar claims Toofan Singh – a farmer from Sadalpur – said that despite receiving a fixed check for 3 lakhs from the local MLA, only Rs 40,000 had been transferred to his bank account. “My request is if I get the remaining amount as soon as possible,” he said.

Dhar’s Deputy Director of Agriculture GS Mohania said he needs to check the data first.

Cooperative banks and corporations that lend to farmers are also angry. They said they have not yet received a list of farmers who are eligible for crop insurance.

Ashok Kumbhakar, head of the Agar Malwa Cooperative Credit Association, said: “The money was credited to the loan account, but according to the Ministry of Agriculture, it has to be given to the savings bank so there is a technical problem.

The BJP says most of the claims have been resolved and only a few remain.

“More than 7.5 billion have been paid into the accounts of more than 49 lakh farmers. A few thousand farmers have not received the amount (but) instructions have been given to pay each farmer,” said Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel.

Congress says the BJP government is misleading farmers while committing to paying for crop insurance. Former Minister Jitu Patwari and the Congress chief said: “In February, Shivraj Singh said that the amount of Rs 7.6 billion was paid into 49 lakh farmers’ accounts in the state, but it is true that even today that amount has not been reached. this only spreads lies. ‘

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