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On Nitin Gadkari’s “Strong Congress” Speech, A Party Leader’s Response

Nitin Gadkari said a strong Congress was essential for democracy. (Representative)


Maharashtra Congress leader Sachin Sawant today welcomed Union minister Nitin Gadkari’s statement “A strong Congress is essential for democracy”, but asked him to speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on what he claimed was the BJP’s attempt to destroy the opposition.

Mr Sawant, secretary-general of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, also expressed concern over the BJP for allegedly abusing the central investigation agency in an effort to disrupt the government in states where the saffron party is not in power.

“We appreciate whatever concerns Gadkari ji has shown. But he should also talk to his chief Modi ji about the BJP’s efforts to destroy opposition parties and democracy by taking over the central investigation agency,” Mr Sawant said.

“The Supreme Court also looks helpless. You are using investigative agencies to harass the non -BJP party government,” he claimed. The kind of politics that has been played out in the country over the past eight years has never happened before, he added.

“It will be in the interest of democracy and the country if he (Gadkari) talks to Modi ji about the BJP’s thinking of destroying opposition parties and attempts to turn democracy into a dictatorship,” he said.

While the sentiments expressed by Mr Gadkari were good, he “did not know” about how the Modi government was trying to stifle democracy in the country, Mr Sawant said.

The Congress party is the main opposition party in the country and the people will realize that the ideology and thinking of the Congress is in the interest of the country, he said.

At an event in Pune on Saturday, Mr Gadkari said a strong Congress was essential for democracy and it was his honest wish for the party to be strong at the national level.

Mr Gadkari has said that democracy runs on two wheels. “One wheel is the ruling party and the other wheel is the opposition. A strong opposition is needed for democracy and that is why I feel from the heart that Congress should be stronger at the national level,” he said.

As Congress weakened, other regional parties took up space, he said. “It is not good for the democracies of other regional parties to take up Congress space,” he added.

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