No Evidence, 3 UP Journalists In Jail For Leaking Papers After A Month -By ASC

Visuals show them walking out of jail to receive a big reception from their co -workers


Three journalists, who were detained in Balia district in Uttar Pradesh a month ago for allegedly playing a role in the leak of Class 12 English examination papers, were released from jail today.

The journalists were allowed bail as police could not present any evidence against them to prove their involvement in the paper leak, said counsel Akhilendra Chaubey, who represented them in court.

The three journalists – Ajit Ojha and Digvijay Singh, who work with Hindi daily Amar Ujala, and Manoj Gupta, who work with other Hindi newspapers, were arrested for alleged their role in the leak of the Uttar Pradesh Board’s Class 12 English question paper last month March this year.

Visuals outside the jail in Azamgarh district, where the journalists are stationed, show them walking out to receive a great welcome from their colleagues

Police have made more than 50 other arrests in the same district in connection with a rescheduled paper leak.

“Three cases have been filed by the police where journalists have been named as accused. The court found that offenses such as cheating were not committed against the accused. The court also handed down harsh sentences to the police for using additional sections of the law as a tool to detain journalists in jail”, he said. Chaubey’s attorney in a statement.

The detained journalists have insisted that they were framed by the county administration for their reports

“I activated my source and held the leaked Sanskrit paper (Class 10) and sent it to my newspaper. It was published in the newspaper. The next day, the newspaper also printed the leaked English paper (Class 12). This exposed the Ballia administration. People- “these people are angry with us and we have been caught in a criminal case. This is an attack on press freedom,” Digvijay Singh, one of the detained journalists, said in a statement.

“I was asked repeatedly where I got the paper from and I said I got it from my source. But these people instead framed me,” Mr Singh added.

The administration has claimed the Class 10 Sanskrit paper is not leaking.

A second reporter working with the same newspaper claimed local officials asked him for a copy of the leaked Class 12 English question paper and he sent it to them in good faith.

“I came to my office but then the police stormed in and treated me like a criminal. I was pushed and rejected,” Ajit Ojha said in a video statement.

Their detention has been strongly condemned by the Indian Press Club which called the action “arbitrary” and demanded their immediate release. Journalists in the district have been protesting continuously for a month against their detention.

In a statement, the Press Club of India said, “It is strongly condemned on the part of the Ballia county administration for arbitrarily arresting a Ballia-based journalist who has exposed the leak of the 12th exam English paper. It is similar to the case. Of a kettle calling a pot. it’s black. “

“Lately, it has been observed that the Uttar Pradesh government is trying to threaten and actually arrest media people who do not follow the government’s line of thinking about issues of policy measures. And, flatterers and many more- Uttar Pradesh police and bureaucrats who are eager not to waste time arresting media people at the first opportunity available to please the forces, ”the statement said.


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