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Muslims in Assam are not a minority, the chief minister said, calling on Kashmir Hindus

Himanta Biswa Sarmak said Muslims cannot be declared a minority as they make up 35% of the population.


In another statement that will surely judge the debate, Assam General Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said today that Muslims make up 35% of Assam’s population and can no longer be considered a minority in the northeastern state. He also referred to the 1990 exodus of Kashmiri Hindus and added that it is “the duty of Muslims” in the state to remove the fears of other communities as shown in the Assam Bollywood film.Kashmir Files‘.

Speaking at a speech by the governor of the Assam assembly budget session, Mr Sarma said: “Today the people of the Muslim community are opposition leaders, MLAs and have equal opportunities and power. So it is their duty to ensure that the rights of the tribes are protected and their land “There is no need to invade the lands of the tribes living in the sixth hour. If Bora and Kalita (Assamese surnames) do not settle in those lands, Islam and Rahman (Muslim surnames) must also refuse to settle in those lands.”

The Prime Minister also said that “power comes with responsibility” and that Muslims make up 35% of the population of Assam, “it is their duty to protect minorities here.”

“The people of Assamese are terrified. There is a fear that culture and civilization will be protected. Harmony is a two-way traffic. Let Muslims talk about the support of Sankari culture, Sattriya culture … there will be harmony. Ten years ago, we were not a minority, but now we are.” , added Sarmak.

Drawing parallels with the Kashmir Hindus who had to leave their homes, Mr Sarma said: “People ask me if the Assamese will have the same fate as the Kashmir pandit. Ten years later, will Assam be like the one shown in Bollywood? Movie ‘Kashmir Files‘? It is the duty of Muslims to get rid of our fear. Muslims must act as a majority and we are assured that Kashmir will not repeat itself here. ”

After the bright acceptance of Vivek AgnihotriKashmir Files‘Many BJP leaders, including the prime minister, have been banned from the BJP by the entertainment industry and are actively promoting it. Assam’s chief minister also watched the film with his cabinet colleagues and announced on Tuesday that state government officials could take advantage of a half-day leave to watch it. The film, based on the exodus to the Hindu valley in Kashmir in the 1990s, has been the subject of intense debate, with Prime Minister Modi also turning his back on critics.

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